#155 CHRISTMAS SPECIAL – Driving home for Christmas – Part I – 20 minutes writing challenge #13

Non, je ne regrette rien from Èdith Piaf

Driving home for Christmas


This is radio three live on air on this cold and snowy Monday evening. Hello, do we have someone in the line?
Ohhh hey! Yeah! Here is Kathrin! I want to greet my friend Anika! She is just the best! We were on the Christmas market in town all day and I want to tell her, that she means the most to me!
That is very well spoken Kathrin! I am sure she likes this greeting! Well, we have still some time before the news are coming up, do you have a song wish as well?
Oh, uhhh, mhhm actually, yes, I wish me “Last Christmas” please, if that is possible?!
Last Christmas, it is! Thank you very much for your call Kathrin and have a wonderful evening. This is Luke from the happy hour here at 9:56 pm on radio three.

Oh for gods sake! No!” With a push on the the screen that is neatly implemented into the dashboard, the radio fall asleep once and for all. “What is wrong with those people?” Eduard raises his eyes back to the street in front of him. Snowflakes find their way down towards earth tonight. Softly, they land on the the fields, the trees and unfortunately Eduard’s windscreen. “I can’t see! Damn it! Fucking weather!” Wuuuuuuuuuppppppp! The windscreen whipper starts his heavy duty work. Rather aggressively it forces the tiny and shimmering snow-crystals to move aside and making space for the dark night ahead. He is driving back home from work, or at least he is trying to do so. “One idiot after the other!! Move into the right lane, idiot!! If you can’t drive, then don’t do it!” He flashes the Renault in front of him back into the lane where it belongs.

What a jerk!
Hey Anika, come down! Just let this idiot through.
Yeah, you are probably right, Micheal. This is totally unsafe what this idiot is doing under these conditions.
Don’t let this person destroy your moment! It’s not every day that your personal song is played in the radio, don’t you think?

300 meters in front, Eduard continues his quest through the traffic. Finally, the left lane seems to be free. Effortlessly the Porsche speeds up even under these heavy weather conditions. Relieved, Eduard takes a deep breath in and finally calms a little bit down.

Photo by Sindre Stru00f8m on Pexels.com

The snow that has fallen here and there through the whole evening and a larger part of the afternoon seem to have hit this place more than any other. But Eduard doesn’t really care about that. The left lane belongs to him now. Only as the white lines of the road seems to blur away underneath the grayish cover of snow, he slows down a little bit, letting the car sailing into the darkness. “We don’t want to overdue it, right?” Eduard pets the leather coat of the dashboard in front of him. “We will be at home quite soon.

5 km behind, Anika and Michael are still following the same road. The only difference, “Last Christmas” has been replaced by the evening news. With a firm grip, Anika steers her Renault slowly, but safely through the night. “Look at the snowflakes! They look like little crystals!
Yes, they really do! It is finally Christmas!

Today was the first day of snow in the area.

The Christmas market atmosphere was so much better with snow, don’t you think? But when we are back at home, I need a hot-water-bottle, a tea and probably a hot bath.
You mind if I join?
Idiot! 🙂 But you can have a tea if you behave like a gentleman!

Back in the front of the field, the darkness of the night seems to get disrupted by something. Far ahead, a strange looking alternating orange light glares around a left sweep of the road. “What might that be? I guess it is just a car from the winter service, clearing the road from the snow cover.

Letting go off the accelerator pedal, the Panamera Sport Turismo decelerates rather slowly in the eights gear towards the brightness of the alternating light….

To be continued next week in Part II.

See you next time!

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