#169 CHRISTMAS SPECIAL – Driving home for Christmas – Part III – 60 minutes writing challenge #15

Suite Beramasque, L. 75: III. Clair de Lune from Claude Debussy


Driving home for Christmas

Part III

Previously on “Driving home for Christmas”. As the road was closed due to an accident, there was no other way for them, as to stop at the end and wait in line. Eduard with his Porsche on the left, while Anika and her friend Michael are standing on the right. While the two are talking to each other, Eduard uses the time for some more work.

…”Here is Apollo 13! The eagle has landed! I repeat, the eagle has landed!“, Michael bursts out, while trying to make some cracking sounds like speaking through his imaginary radio device. “This was the best touch down of a snow flake I have ever seen!“, Anika responses ironically and moves closer to the windscreen in front of her. In fact, that little frozen water crystal has been landed perfectly on the Renaults windscreen. “What a weird thing that must be, falling down from heaven onto this very windscreen, naked, and getting looked at by two strange people sitting in a car!“, Michael adds, and forces Anika back out of her daydream. It was close to 11 pm already but still, nothing has changed or moved. Well, that was not 100% right, what in fact has moved was the needle of the Renaults fuel gage. It was very close to falling into the red zone now.

Do you think we can still come home with that little amount of fuel?“, Anika asks excitedly and exchanges a very worried look with the guy next to her. “There are still at least some 30 km left. Do you think your little race car can handle that?“, Michael replies softly, trying to calm her down a little bit.

Meanwhile on the left. As the snowfall continues to burry the Porsche underneath a large amount of little snow paratroopers that have jumped from the sky into their suicide mission, Eduard was still working on his computer. “At least I have finished all my tasks!“, he said, after ending the phone call with Jenny. “But what to do next?” He stores his computer back into the little leather cover he was carrying around all day and tries to have a look outside the window to the front. “How long will this take?“, he wonders, closing his eyes and starting to do his breathing exercise.

I am really not sure if we should run the engine any longer! We will not be able to drive back home otherwise!“, Anika was now obviously concerned about the fuel issue they have. “Ok, why don’t we switch it off real quick and see how long it will stay warm and comfy in here?“, Michael replied with a soft, but decisive voice. Seconds later, Anika switches off the engine. As the interior lights go on after pulling out the key from the ignition lock, they are both looking themselves in the eye. “What a date this is!“, Micheal thinks and imagines laying cuddling underneath a blanket together with Anika on the backseats. “What a disaster! Now we are going to probably freeze to death.” She thinks, and sees her dad in front of her eyes, saying to her over and over again. “Why aren’t you going to the gas station earlier? I don’t get it, kid! I really don’t get it!

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Eduard hasn’t noticed anything about the ongoing scene in the car next to him. Well, in fact, he has not even a single clue about the fact, that this was the very car he had literally pushed with his headlamps flashing into the right lane an hour ago. For him, it was just another idiot crawling in front of his Porsche with the speed of a sloth. But a sleeping one. Checking his watch again, the time wasn’t going anywhere. “That’s what my meditation guru was talking about all the time last year on that workshop!“, Eduard recalls from his memory. “This is supposed to be good? Living in the most boring moment ever!”

Moving back to the right, the coldness of the outside seems to finally find its way into the inside as well. “It’s coming from everywhere!“, Anika says out aloud while turning her head to the right. “What do you think? Should we just start the engine again? Or really sit that out?” Michael seems to think about this for a moment, or at least, it looks like that from her perspective. “I mean, we can do that, but if we can not drive home in the end, this is not really helping us anyways, isn’t it?” “Yeah, you are properly right! So we just push through, right? Together!” “Of course! I will not leave you for that internal heated massage luxury seat over there!“, pointing to the snow covered Porsche on the left. They both start laughing! “I mean, it would be enough space for us two!“, Michael wonders.

Breathing in, holding, still holding, and out.“, Eduard inhales the heated air inside his car. Freezing, or worrying about not being able to drive home once this road close is done, nothing that seems to come up on his radar. He is just trying to get this damn breathing exercise right. “Damn it! Where was I?“, Eduard lost track of the breath count he was currently running at. “I was already in the two digit area!“.

It is fucking cold!“, Anika thinks, while breathing into her fists. “Just think about something else!“, Michael was telling himself over and over again. “Let’s just use the situation and get to know her a little bit better, bro! Hey! Good idea! Thank you my inner self!“, he adds to his inner monolog and thinks about a possible way how to do that. Finally, Michael takes the courage after really considering his internal dialog and leans a little bit closer towards his princess on the left. “What is big, grey and eats little white Renaults for breakfast?“, Micheal hears himself saying. “I don’t know? An idiot with a small penis who need to compensate that with his car?“, Anika replies! “Right! Now it is your turn!” “Ok, I can’t see something that you can see, and that is green!” “Green? Mhhhhh!“, Michael looks around. “Green? What is green? Nothing is green here. Everything is white!” Michael replies, “I have no clue! What is it?” “It is the hope that we will survive this night!

To be continued next week in Part IV.

See you next time!

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