#170 Racing is life – driving techniques – S3 E1 – Introduction

Welcome to the new season! I guess the title already suggests what this will be all about.

Season 3 will focus specifically on driving techniques. No matter if you are driving an actual race car, or doing sim racing, or just driving on the road, if you know what you are doing, you will not only be quick, but safe at the same time.

How will this thing work?

That is actually a pretty good question. Having figured out already, that there are more than enough videos and stuff about this, I want to really dive deep into the world of driving and racing techniques.

What makes me think that I can teach that?

Again, a good question. But well, what can I say, after studying mechanical engineering for quite a while, and having spent tons of hours in cars, karts, formula student cars and on the simulator, I guess I already know the basics. Adding my lack of expertise some years back in time and where I stand today, I figured out a lot of stuff, that other people do not even think about.

Oh god! Will this be a theoretical nightmare?

No! Absolutely not! Don’t be afraid about that. I will explain everything in such a way, that everyone will understand it. But in case you want to have a little bit more input on the theoretical side, I guess we can work on that in a future season. Just let me know what you want.

Ok, so will you just go on asking yourself stupid questions forever, or will you actually start teaching me something productive?

You are right! Sorry for that! But I don’t think that today is the perfect time to really diving into a certain topic. I rather want to use the time and have a look at the things I want to talk about during this season.

We will start with the basics. Tires, suspension, braking, accelerating, steering and shifting. If you do not know the basics, you will not be able to follow the next steps anyways. After that, we will go to the next level. We will have a look at the perfect line and the driving behavior of a car, but we will also check out the cornering, the overtaking and looking at the sim racing 1×1 before we will round up the season with the subjects of fighting, race strategy and the right setup.


  • Tires
  • Suspension
  • Braking
  • Accelerating
  • Steering
  • Shifting


  • The perfect line
  • Understanding car driving behavior (Oversteering & Understeering)
  • Cornering
  • Overtaking
  • Sim racing 1×1


  • Fighting
  • Race strategy
  • Setup

If you have any concerns towards the agenda, want to add or remove something from the board? Or have a question I should talk about? Just leave a comment down below.

See you next time!

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