#176 CHRISTMAS SPECIAL – Driving home for Christmas – Part IV – 40 minutes writing challenge #16

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Driving home for Christmas

Part IV

Previously on “Driving home for Christmas”. As the road was closed due to an accident. Eduard to the left and Anika and Michael to the right, were still waiting for the roadblock to be finally over. While Eduard was working on his breathing exercises after he has finished his tasks for work, Anika and Michael were freezing in the Renault that was switched off in order to guarantee the possibility to drive back home.

… It is close to midnight, now. Eduard, who was back at his computer, was going through the numbers of an important deal he originally wanted to close in before Christmas. “Well, I will finish that deal up next year, then!“, he says to himself, scrolling back to the top of the sheet. It was the logical way for him, in order to make the next step with his little company. “This will help us to grow even faster!“, he hears his partner saying to him a week ago while having a dinner at his place.

Back in the Renault, closing in some business deals was the last thing they would think about. “Brrrr, it is so fucking cold!!!“, Anika complains again and again. “You do not need to tell me that over and over again, Anika!“, Michael replies, and adds his apologize directly afterwards, “Sorry, but I get angry quite easily when I freeze to death!” “I can understand that!“, Anika replies, removing her fist from her mouth.

Is changing to the dark side still no option, Master Yoda?“, Michael asks with a smile on his face. But somehow, Anika sensed the flavor of being serious, Michael had added to his question. “Do you think that he will even let us in? I mean, you wouldn’t do that normally, would you?“, Anika replied concerned. “I mean, it is Christmas! At least we can try!” Michael replies. “It is not Christmas, it is three before Christmas!“, Anika corrects his answer and adds, “Feel free to go over there and ask the grinch, if he would let us in! I mean, I am not pregnant, but it is fucking Christmas, right? Oh, and one more thing!! Don’t leave the door open!

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Moving back to the left, Eduard was still scrolling up and down the document on his retina display. “Just make sure that there are no mistakes! And it will be perfect!” As he reads through the introducing table on page two for the one-hundreds and first time, he could see something moving outside in the right corner of his eye. “What was that!“, he wonders, looking to the snow covered passenger window. Something was moving out there.

What the heck!“, Eduard starts to move his hand to the locking button of the car. Of course the car was locked anyways, but still, he couldn’t stop his instinct from double checking. “Who is that? And what do they want?”

Ratschhhhhhh! With a well planned move, Michael starts to remove the snow from the passenger window. As the snow was sliding down to his right, covering his arm and trousers, he could already have a glimpse inside. Rather with amusement, he could see a pair of mid thirty years old male eyes, staring back at him through the very hole in the snow cover. “What he might think who I am? A robber? A thief?“, Michael asks himself and starts to make the most friendly face he had ever tried to make on purpose in his life. A couple of seconds later, he even found himself waving to another grown-up man, trying to convince him to open the window just a little bit.

What the heck is going on?!“, Eduard looks in shock in the direction of the hole in the snow cover, someone had made on purpose. “What does he want?“, Eduard asks himself while observing the friendly looking man, waving excitedly like this would be the departure of the titanic. Indicating down towards earth, Eduard understood the message to open the window on the passenger side of the car, but was considering his options for a little while.

Do I really want to speak to the man? Maybe he has some information about the road close! Maybe he even tells me that this is all over now, and that we can drive home after all.“, thousands of thoughts run through Eduard’s mind. Convinced, that opening the window just a little bit, can not be a terrible mistake, he moves his left index finger towards the button in the side door and opens the window for at least 4 cm.

Good evening, Sir!“, the stranger starts to talk. “My name is Michael and I am from the white Renault next to you. Unfortunately, we are having a lack of fuel, and sitting in the cold car for over an hour now. Do you mind to let us in? We are two people. Anika, a friend of mine and me.

Oh, I see!“, Eduard’s thinking process starts to run in his mind. “They must be freezing like hell! Sure, I will let them in!“. “Sure! Please, get your friend and have a seat inside my car.“, Eduard replies instantly and already removes his MacBook cover from the right passenger seat. “Thank you! Really! Thank you! I will get my friend!“, the dark figure with the name Michael replied and disappears into the night.

Wooopp. The window of the passenger door starts to move until its end stop position in the top of the frame. Even that little chat has decreased the temperature inside the car noticeable. “It must be like hell, to sit in a cold car in the middle of the night!“, Eduard thinks and increases the temperature of the climate control….

To be continued tomorrow.

See you next time!

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