As some of you might already know, I have developed a passion for the act of writing. Well, while my normal blogging days do not allow me to write fictional stories, I thought about using the current Christmas time and dedicate the whole week to the continuation of my last years CHRISTMAS SPECIAL. In case you haven’t read the short story yet, you can find the start of it here.

For me personally, it is very interesting to see how I have improved my writing skills over the last 12 month. And honestly, I am impressed with the outcome, but better read it yourself! Well, in case you enjoy the little journey into this fictional scene I have created, feel free to share it with your friends and help them as well, to forget about this virus out there for a little while.

I wish you and your family a joyful Christmas time, a happy new year and of course all the best for the future! Take care! Stay healthy! Stay at home! And share this story with the world!


A short story written by Andreas Röding


Wednesday, 23th of December 2020

Like an invisible virus, the heat of the fireplace started to slowly spread all over the wide open penthouse suite. His mother told him not to take one of those fancy apartments, but Eduard knew it better! In fact, he always did! When he recollected it correctly, his words were rather strict back at that time! “You simply do not understand this, mum!“, he heard himself saying, changing the topic to something unimportant. Indeed, his mother did not understand. He tried once to explain, but gave up in vain. Their lives have become too different. He seemed to have moved on, while she is still living somehow in the past.

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Just this email!“, Eduard pulled himself back out of his daydream and forced himself to keep on working.

Good morning beauty!“, Anika woke up from the smell of fresh coffee, toasted bread and fried eggs. Carefully she opened her eyes, letting in the sun rays, that were already shining brightly through the window from the other side of the room. A wooden tray, packed with all sorts of breakfast items was neatly placed right in front of her side. “Breakfast in bed!? What have you done, Michael!?“, Anika asks with a laugh, trying to clean her eyes from the sleeping dust. “Ehmm, nothing really, I guess! I just thought that you would like it!” “Like it? Are you kidding me? I love it! Thank you!“, Anika responded, but would regret this reaction very shortly afterwards.

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As it turned out, the concept behind having breakfast in bed was indeed a Hollywood promoted scene, which was not very practical under real life conditions. After spilling half the almond milk on the bed sheet covers and making crumbs all over the place, they both decided to relocate their morning breakfast to the table in the living room. “What a mess! I am so sorry!“, Michael tried to find the right words. Anika would need to wash the whole bed sheets one day before Christmas! “Awesome idea, Michael! Thank you!“, Anika responded with a laugh and added, “I guess that’s the difference between Cameron Diaz and me! I can eat, sure, but she can eat and make it even look good!” They bough laughed.

It was already dark outside, when he called it a day. Packed the MacBook neatly back into its black leather cover and carried it downstairs into the shear endless illuminated space. Two camouflaged douchebags were waiting already packed in the entry hall. It was his trip back home to his parents, his iPhone reminded him in the early morning hours. Christmas was in sight. The time of the year when families get together, even in COVID 19 times! In fact, the government had allowed to meet family members over the Christmas days and so, it was not only possible, but even expected from him to come home after all.

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As he waited for the elevator to arrive, he locked down his apartment using the touchscreen on the wall next to him. Lights out, windows closed, heating system in standby mode. “Pinnnggg“, the elevator door swung open rather enthusiastically. “Caput Draconis” Eduard said softly, not daring to touch anything in this public elevator. “Identification successful! Good evening Mr. Snow! Private garage is selected!“, a computerized female voice replied. It is very over the top, Eduard agreed, but he couldn’t help it. The temptation to use a Harry Potter Gryffindor common room password was too much him. “Basement nine and three quarters! Have a good evening Mr. Snow!” the voice joked over the speakers back to Eduard, who was seemingly surprised! “Hey, the new update can be hilarious! Welcome to the 21st century!

To be continued tomorrow in PART II.

See you next time!

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