With the year 2020 coming to an end anytime soon, it is time for a personal recap of this most exciting year.


As the start into the blog life 2020 seemed to be promising with number #186, the blog hit the magical 200 days of daily blogging barrier actually quite effortlessly. Fun fact, the blog had 54 follower at that time! Can you believe it? But nevertheless, on my personal level the year started with a difficult task, the first exams of my master program were coming up. Therefore I was constantly changing between studying and blog writing in between doing a bit of sport here and there.


After the exam is before the exam“, right? Sure, but before, I got some time to spend. The racing simulator, my best new friend. But also I have started the Life-Coaching program on the blog, which honestly failed miserably. I guess the world is not yet ready for me being its coach.


The new website design got introduced! Yay! Dreamactsucceed.blog finally a bit more intuitive and with some catchy pictures. But the real highlight of the month is definitely the start of my book project! With COVID19 hitting Germany hard, my semester got delayed and I was about to use this time! The category #1 Book got created.


Well, the semester started in the home office mode, destroying my plans to have some seven weeks off for the book project. In the end, I had just two weeks until I was again studying full time. But anyways, the blog hit also the 300 daily blog post barrier and the pool season started! I was swimming every single day.


With the decision to write my master thesis in a company, I started the application process. But well, that was not really the highlight! The highlight was the Porsche 911 991.1 Turbo S, which I had for two days on the weekend. God, I miss this car! In fact, this was the highlight of the year! The result out of this? The category Fascination Porsche and Lets drive.


A crazy month, at least considering the projects for university. I needed to write a lot of thesis and finish all my projects. Also, dreamactsucceed.blog celebrated its first birthday on the 29.06.! 🥳💪


The semester found its end and I had already all my grades beside the master thesis! Time to celebrate? Well, not really! But at least I would have 5 weeks off over summer!


Hitting the 400 barrier, I had an awesome summer in between writing, swimming, the racing simulator and sport. What a year so far! Also in August, the start of the BEHIND THE BLOG category where I talk about the story behind the project.


In September, I started my new position in the company where I write my master thesis! Therefore, I was finally back in the world of earning money through working and of course had a 40 hour work week to somehow implement into my daily schedule again.


After the introduction of REWIND, which I am not so sure about anyways, my good old friend gave up. It was time for him to leave. My VW Golf V said ciao for now! Leaving me alone without a car. But luckily I found the right one for me. It will get delivered in around 7 weeks from now.


Hitting the 500 barrier in November, the blog had 241 follower. Just for a comparison, in January it had 54 and today it has over 360. Also, my eye started to make these issues and Germany started to have a lockdown again.


A relaxing Christmas time? Sure, but sadly still in the lockdown mode! Well, I don’t care anyways, right, spending my last three years under quarantine conditions! The highlight of the month? Definitely my Christmas story. Even though, that not many people have read it so far, my writing is just so much better compared to last year.

Photo by Evie Shaffer on Pexels.com

And that was it, a short recap of the exciting year 2020. While some might have experienced a very ___________ (insert your word here) year, mine was actually brilliant! For the first time in my life I had a pool in the garden, I was working from home, I have finished all my exams for the master, I was driving my dream car, I have started to write my book. Honestly, this year was the best of my life so far! Sure, it could have been better, but I guess this is the price I want to pay. No girlfriend, no holidays, no nothing besides working on my goals.

Thank you for reading!

See you next time!

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