#188 Learning – S1 E1 – Introduction

Learning, either we love it or we hate it, right? No! Most of the time we just hate it. Back at school, it was always that miserable thing that bothered us. It was the obstacle in our life before having fun. English vocabularies, history dates from the 13th century, religious traditions, you name it. Did that make fun? Only for the nerds at school, right? But we? We are no nerds! We had a life! For us, learning was that annoying thing. The disadvantage of going to school.

But wait a second. Why do I have such negative feelings towards it? Isn’t learning supposed to be a door opener in life? Something we urgently need in order to grow? That is a weird thing! I hated learning and everybody who was somehow related to this topic, for example my teachers, my friends or my parents thought the same. They were all telling me that they knew, it isn’t fun, but it has to be done! This is hard work!

What is wrong in our society? Today, I have a completely different perspective on that topic. But why didn’t someone told me that earlier? Isn’t that the first thing you would start with? Teaching someone how to learn, and then start learning something?

Nobody teaches you how to parallel park a car before showing you how to actually drive a car, right? Because that doesn’t make any sense! But why is nobody teaching us how to learn before starting to learn something?

Back in the days when the memory of someones mind was actually quite important, and I do not talk about the time back in the eighties, where everyone could remember all the telephone numbers of their friends, I’m talking about centuries ago, when it was actually important to remember stuff. Without books and writing skills, everything you needed to know was in your head, hopefully. But today, people struggle to recollect the birthdates of their parents or even their own telephone number. What a strange thing. We tend to think that we are the elite human beings, evolved from the primitive hunting and collecting folks of the past, but can not possible remember a 13 digit number? What the hack happened to us?

We got lazy, we wrote things done, we invented devices that helped us, to store the information we need in an external mind. The internet, books, and videos. You can basically find everything you need, everywhere, every time. There is no need for us to remember stuff, right? If you can access the World Wide Web faster then your own mind, why should you use your outdated memory? So what do we do? We don’t use our brains.

But wait a second, what? We have a powerful brain, but nobody shows us how to use it. They demand from us to remember stuff for tests and exams, but in reality you can just google it. The stuff that we should know is missing out completely and the stuff that we learn is just useless. Does anyone assume why so many people hate learning?

This is just wrong! What the hell are we doing? Are we really that stupid? I can not believe it. It could be so easy, it could make so much fun! But no, no no! They don’t want us to get out of the system. You need to be a part of the society. Play your role, react to this in the way they want you to react.

I can not ignore this anymore! It is time for a change. It is time for a revolution. Ok, maybe that sounds a little bit too much over the edge. I don’t want to start a new movement, I just want you to use your brain and figure out that learning is fun. Because in fact it is just that, fun! But only if you know how this works. In this season we will talk about that.

How does your brain stores stuff in your head? How can you access that? How can you study efficient and effective? How does learning make fun? How can you train your brain? What is the secret for remembering?

Welcome to “learning“, your category for using that heavy thing inside your head, that you are carrying around all day.

See you next time!

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