#189 20 minutes writing challenge #18 – First day in the new year

Lies from Say Yes Dog

Waking up at precisely 9:11 am on the first of January 2020. What a start into the new decade. Is that a sign? Is that the way the universe want to tell me that this will be my decade? Is it finally time for me to get my Porsche? (Excited hand rubbing)

Interesting, really interesting. I couldn’t imagine a better start into the new year! But to be honest, I was planning on getting the car in the next ten years anyways, so it shouldn’t be a huge surprise if I get a car, right? This is just the logical consequence after everything I am doing. One step at a time, one step behind the other. How many steps are left? I have no clue, but afterwards I can tell you! Maybe it’s just one. Ok, that was a little bit too optimistic, let’s go with a little bit more steps. Let’s say, 50 steps. Fifty tiny steps, each one totally doable. But added to another mean the world for me. I am on my journey towards all my goals! Feels good to realize that it is working. That you are making progress, that this all helps me to grow, to improve, to become the person I want to become.

Publishing my daily blog post after adding a paragraph, cleaning up the flat of a friend we were celebrating at. Music in the background, people talking. A vacuum cleaner in action. The sun is shining, the sky is blue. Well, I am in Munich right now, the sky looks always like that here, right? Don’t destroy my veal sausage Bavarian moment, here! Haven’t eaten that for a while. Maybe it is time to talk about something else?

What will I do today? Not much. Maybe we are going karting, talking about old times and just relaxing a little bit. I will stay here at my friends place for a little longer then last year. We do that every year for quite some time. Four years, when I remember correctly. Could be called a tradition already. Keeping up with friends, something I want to do more in this new year. Seems like this is a good start. Maybe I should use the time I currently have while studying and work on that? Let’s see.

Having bought way too much food for the party, like you always do, we were enjoying the party food in our after party dinner. Just having nothing on the agenda, no appointment, no meeting, not even a telephone call. Just you and friends and time. There is nothing to worry about, nothing that should bother you, just you and the day that lays in front of you.

After a little walk outside we where watching two movies, spending the evening at home. And that is it, right? A perfect first day of the year. At least for me. Can I do the same at home? Just doing nothing? No racing simulator, no workout, no studying, no blog writing, no nothing. Just being there, in the moment. I mean I try to do this with my meditation practice, but is it really that effective? I don’t think so. My brain is still too active, too responsive, too used to do something.

For the new year, I should work on that as well. Worrying less and doing more stuff that switches my brain off. Maybe I can improve on this, the relaxing side of life. I guess having a dog would be something like a show stopper, the ultimate weapon to get back into the reality, into the moment. Being in the here and now. But do I have enough time for a dog? No, I don’t want to get a dog, because I do not have enough time to care about the little Ferdinand, or Cayman or Taycan, which will be possible Porsche inspired names for my future dog. Too crazy? Leave me alone! This will be my dog! I can call him how I want to!

Oh, time is up. I guess, that is it for the first “20 minute writing challenge” of the new year.

See you next time!

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