#190 Entrepreneurship & Business – S1 E7 – The mindset you need

The mindset you need? What is he talking about? There isn’t “the perfect mindset” for this kind of challenge in life, is it?

Well, that depends on what you believe in. Oh gosh, believing? What is wrong with you? This is entrepreneurship and business, not spirituality and finding to your inner self. We want to start something new, develop a product and sell this on the market. We don’t want to believe in a higher power from the universe, or the magical effect of joss sticks.

Don’t worry, in order to become successful, or stay successful, you do not need to believe in all of that. In fact, you do not need to believe in anything besides two things in your life, and this is you and and what you stand for.

In order to be an entrepreneur, you need to have an entrepreneurial mindset. Makes sense, right? But what does that mean? This means, that you need to be open minded, a positive thinker and able to see the future in something, when others do not see anything at all. You need to have the passion and motivation to step into the unknown, to get outside your comfort zone, and fight for your idea!

Your business needs to become a part of you, or you need to become a part of the business. In the 21th century, this is even more important then ever before. “Practice what you preach“, we have all heard that somewhere. People need to identify you as a part of the system. They need to be convinced, that you are really standing behind this idea. There is no way around this fact. Otherwise, this concept will not work.

So, what kind of mindset do you need?

You need to be

  • an open minded person
  • a good friend
  • able to imagine where this project is leading to
  • a dreamer
  • a care taker
  • a positive thinker
  • an opportunist
  • a spokesperson
  • a good friend
  • a colleague
  • an investor
  • a business person
  • a boss
  • a leader
  • a follower
  • a mind reader
  • an inspiration for each and everyone
  • a role model
  • authentic
  • the role model for the project

But how can we implement that all into our life? How can we stand for each and everyone of that items? That is what I mean with “The mindset you need”. You need to have the right mindset, in order to be all of that and many more things that do not stand on the list. Is that easy? No, not at all, but is it possible! For sure it is!

Start with your current situation. Who are you? What are your strengths? What are your weaknesses? Most of the time, we fullfile already quite a lot of the things on the list, but of course not all. The end goal is hereby neither to tick all, nor to tick a lot. As “The mindset you need” already suggests, read it again, “The mindset you need”. Not the mindset we need, or I need. You! We are talking about you! Depending on your project, your business idea, your life, your mindset needs to be different than mine. If you want to sell weapons to third world countries, for example, you shouldn’t be to friendly in your voice, or to soft in the communication.

Each and every business demands something else. If you want to sell protein drinks for athletes, you need to represent that spirit. Your story and appearance needs to fit into the company.I will start of the coaching program I had in mind for quite a while, now. Does my lifestyle fit to that? You can check it out on my blog. This is me and what I am doing. I know what I am talking about, and if I do not know it, I shut the fuck up. Is that authentic? What do you think? But does it work for everyone? No, of course not. But you do not need to convince everybody! I do not need to inspire everyone. I need to inspire just a view people. The people I want to help. The people I see a potential in. Is that selfish? Yes it is, but this is how it works. Companies define their customers. They decide on who is allowed to represent the company and who is not.

Final words

The mindset thing is something very important. Because it plays a key role in the whole operation. Mistakes will be made, losses will be made, decisions need to be made. If you do not have the right mindset, this thing will become a mess! Believe me! Work on it and get this right! Because it will support you the whole time! It will make things easier or worse, it always comes up to you.

Things happen, that’s for sure, but you decide on how to react upon them.

See you next time!

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