#192 Learning – S1 E2 – Where to start?

So, where do we start? In my last post I mentioned something that is really disrupting my thoughts about the school system we have in general, but in particular the fact, that I was taking part in this complete mess without noticing the problem I was facing all the time.

Nobody teaches you how to parallel park a car before showing you how to actually drive a car, right? Because that doesn’t make any sense! But why is nobody teaching us how to learn before starting to learn something?

#188 Learning – S1 E1 – Introduction

Well, thinking about this, there is another problem coming up, right? How can I teach someone how to learn something before starting to learn something? Because, the person needs to learn the “how to learn” part as well, right? Crazy! Or is that just my strange way of looking at this thing we call life? But anyways.

We need to start right here. Learning how to learn. Well, why do I even write about this topic? There are literally thousands of books, videos and online courses flying around. From the simple mnemonic aid to differentiate between the stalactites and the other one, to the craziest of methods you can imagine. There are the wildest techniques out there, just waiting for you to get discovered.

But wait a minute! This is like the magician problem! I have mentioned that previously on this blog. People like to go to magic shows, where “magicians” will perform “magic“. Well, of course, this is no real magic, this is just a trick. Actually these are tricks, you can read about in books, because there are a lot of them on the market. But apparently, people do not read. They do not want to invest time in this, they want to get the answer right now, right here. They are not interested in figuring things out on their own.

So, you asked for it and I will deliver. The shortcut, the life hack, the what ever we will call it in ten years. This is where we start. We will start with you. Yes, you have heard correctly. You will be standing in the middle of this operation. You will be the epicenter of this project. Because the world spins around you.

I have never ever met a single person in my life, that has not invested a recent amount of time, trying to learn something. We have all done it, because we had to. Period! At school, at university, in our jobs. There is always something to learn, something to remember.

All of you have heard something about mnemonic techniques as well and have at least tried to work with them, once. If you don’t remember having ever used one of them, I guess, you haven’t used them correctly, because otherwise, you would remember. Am I right?

Speaking about you, you are the center of this thing. You are the operating system and the hardware at the same time. It is not apple, it is not windows, you are using your own program. Well, first of all, you need to develop your own program. But you will figure this out, don’t worry!

Similar to the requirements, a software has to the hardware where you want to use it, you need to do it the other way around, finding the right software for your hardware. Sounds hard when being aware of this, doesn’t it?

Why is that so important? I have figured out, that people tend (⛺️) to have different kind of minds (🤯). And I am not talking about the classical “oh, well, I am a hearing type, I need to hear something in order to be able to remember it“. That is not what I mean, I am talking about the way you need to operate your brain. Me, for example, I like to go crazy. I overdue it, I exaggerate in such a way, that it feels almost real. So, I can use that, and really dive (🥽), into the thing I want to remember. But you, for example, can be easily lost with that technique, because you simply can not come up with a story that is worth remembering. And in the end, it is not about learning anymore, but about you complaining about the learning system I told you, that would work so perfectly. So you start crying (😭) miserably and stop learning. But what can I say? I don’t know you very well! Thank god! Otherwise I wouldn’t have any capacity in my little brain left, I could not remember anything else. I can not possibly write down the perfect technique that will definitely work for you. I can explain you how to do it, but I can not do it for you. That is something you need to do yourself, little cowboy.

Worth remembering?

That is a good point. That is the first lesson. If something is worth remembering. You will remember it more likely. Makes sense, doesn’t it? So, how do we make something worth remembering?

This will be the topic for our next episode.

See you next time!

P.S.: Have you noticed something by reading this post? Let me know in the comments, if you have.

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