#193 Meditation 4.0 – S2 E6 – Meditation through playing games?

What the hell? Are you serious? That can’t be true!

During my Christmas holidays I wanted to take some time for me. I wanted to have a break. Stop doing my day to day business and finding some inner peace. Well, sounds like it is time for a fancy silent retreat. Traveling to a Buddhist temple at the other side of the world, sitting on the ground for six days in a row, just getting my head free. Looks like the hardest and most boring thing ever! Maybe I should do that next time. But for this time, I was experiencing something else.

Trying to do only things where I see a purpose in doing, my life can get rather exhausting from time to time. It is not that I don’t like doing all of that, but sometimes you just do not feel that fresh anymore to get back into the simulator for another stint, or for doing the next 30 minutes on the indoor bike. Luckily I am already trying to work on my meditation skills, using these moments to get back my energy.

But during my days off from university, I wasn’t really into doing that, to be honest. I wrote my blog posts, but besides that, I just wanted to have a break. Having some me time, so what do you do in a situation like this? Right, you are checking on the Porsche prices on the used car market, listen to some podcasts or watch a good movie or two, but after that? It is getting boring pretty fast, right?

But then something strange happened. I was checking on my steam account, where I have all the racing simulations and stuff, and saw an advertisement for a hunting game. And I thought like “Oh, interesting! Maybe I should try that out!”

So, that’s what I have done. I was playing a hunting game. Walking trough a forest, trying to be silent, looking for traces and listening to the sound of nature. It took me a while to figure out how that stuff was working, because I am not used to playing something on the computer, but after a while, I had understood how it works and was just playing this game. For hours and hours. Time ran by pretty fast. On one occasion, I was playing for properly more then six hours in a row, completely dived into this world. And that was the moment where I asked myself this question.

Image source: https://steamcdn-a.akamaihd.net/steam/apps/518790/ss_bcdff6c5e87115f2efa6cdf0362f133eb170b04f.1920×1080.jpg?t=1576858865

Is that a kind of a meditation? Can that be a kind of a meditation? Or what is it I am experiencing here? I am in a kind of a flow state. My ongoing thought process has stoped. I am just there, in that green forest, trying to have a closer look at the animal in front. Can that considered to be a kind of a meditation? I guess it can be, as long as it brings you back to the ground, relaxes you, and let’s you let go of all the other thoughts in your head.

It is a strange thought, I know, but I have experienced that with other things as well. Driving on my simulator has a very similar effect on me sometimes. I am just there, right in the moment. There is just me, the car and the road. No university struggles, no tasks that needs to be done, no problems that want to be solved. Just me, right in the moment. And the best part? It actually makes fun! It is something I like to do. It is not like the meditation practice I try to implement into my life. At least not yet. I kind of don’t like it that much. There is no inner drive that demand this meditation exercise from me. But having these experiences with the hunting simulator or my racing simulator, this opened up a completely different field of ideas in my mind.

Is it possible to invent a game for meditation? Would it be possible to create something, that would help you to relax while playing? Like a combination of visiting pretty places and linked connections to your body? Like working with real time data of your heartbeat, or the breath count? There is HRV training out there, maybe combining this with an actual game? That would be something. A game that will help you to find your inner piece, control your emotions and let you switch off for a while. A game that people want to play, and have a positive benefit while doing it. Is that the future?

Remembering the time when the Virtual Reality (VR) technology came on the market? People where talking about a revolution in the whole market. Well, it is still not there yet, but maybe they are just using the wrong approach.

But anyways. This hunting game really helped me to calm down. So, would I try to do it again? Sure, why not! Maybe I can try to get some heartbeat data and figure out what it is actually doing with me while consuming these kind of games.

I was trying to do that with my racing stuff on multiple occasions already, but this is physical sport, so, it kind of has an effect on the whole system. With that game, you don’t need to do anything exhausting, so I guess the data will become more accurate.

But anyways. I guess this is enough about that. But just give this idea some thoughts in the back of your mind. Did you have experienced something similar, too? Do you think that this will work better then just sitting around and trying to do literally nothing?

I guess, it is at least a good start. Especially if it works every time like on demand. You just start the game and be right in the flow state moment.

See you next time!

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