#194 Discipline – S1 E1 – Introduction

What does it take to reach your goals? In the end, it comes all down to one thing. And this is the question if you have the discipline to continuously work on your goals and projects or not.

The world wasn’t build on one day either, so nobody expects something like this from you. It is not enough to give everything you have on one single day. I mean, that was a good start, for sure! But you need to repeat that! Hundreds of times, thousands of times.

No matter what you want to achieve in live, if you can not overcome your lack of discipline, you will struggle all the time, every time.

So, in order to succeed, you need to tick that box. There is no way around that. So you need to be able to rule over your discipline and use it wisely in order for you to move on.

Why do I think that I can teach you that?

That is a simple question to answer. Discipline is my superpower. It is that easy! I was literally born with it. From the earliest of events I can remember, it was there, in everything I was doing. But have I really used it with everything I was doing? Not really. The first time I actively started to use this weapon was when I was in fifth grade, being way too overweight. From one day to the other I changed my life. I decided to change this situation I was in, so what have I done? I simply changed the situation. I changed my nutrition. Not slowly, not step by step. From one day to the other! No sweets, no sugar or anything like this. Just water and a healthy nutrition. And then of course sport. A lot of sport. Every day.

And I do this with everything. Have a look at my daily blog project here. For others, this alone would be a really tough challenge, right? But for me, to be honest, it is not. And if I can have that mindset, you can have that as well.

The secret to success? Not a secret at all! If you decide on doing something and then just do exactly that. There is only one outcome! Success is the only option there is.

But only if you have the discipline to continuously work on your projects, right?

That is the reason why we will talk about the topic of discipline in this category of the blog.

If we can master this, it will help us across the board in everything we are doing in life.

See you next time!

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