#195 Project W (double you) – S2 E4 – The first step


Take the first step, how hard can that be?

Just do it!


As the Nike commercial suggests, we shouldn’t think about the things we want to do in life too much and rather just do it. Well, while some of you will see this approach as something we can start to have a very long discussion about, the statement can be considered as carrying something around. Deep inside that statement lies a truth! A very powerful one! But sadly, not many people have actually understood that one.

Why do you think do I have a blog? Not because I was planning on doing that for more then half a year, I wouldn’t have even started by now.

Just do it doesn’t mean to simply start doing anything without thinking it through, that is for sure. But it demands from you to start actually doing something. Will everything you are just doing completly right or wrong? I don’t think so! But why do we even care about that? Time will solve this problems on our road towards success.

Did I had a clue about how to write a blog? No! Do I know how to write a blog, today? And the answer is no, again! Because this is not important!

Project double you is a thing that wants to support you, allowing you to grow and double your potential in everything you are doing.

How high are the chances that you will win the lottery without participating in the lottery? How high are the chances that you will learn a new language without investing a single second for it?

Of course we already know the answer! But why do we still don’t act? Why do we still just talk about this? Why don’t you just start right now to change your life? And this doesn’t mean to go all in, or risking everything you have. This can be the tiniest of all tiniest things you can change. Instead of listening to the radio while driving to work, listening to a podcast about something that interests you. Instead of buying your meal on the restaurant at the corner on your way back home from work, you start cooking something at home. Instead of watching the news about unimportant things that have happened somewhere around the globe, you take the time for yourself. Closing your eyes and just breath.

Just do it means just that. Don’t overthink everything you are doing! Of course, if you want to make some dramatic changes, or considering a large investment, like buying a new Porsche, you shouldn’t just do that, but rather think it through. But these are not the things we urgently need to change in our life’s. The things we need to change are the small ones!

A single step a day, added to each other has the potential to change your life.

I write one blog post every day. Yes, of course that consumes some time. But only time I want to spend for the project. An hour a day, that is time we all have. But looking at this project from the far distance, I wouldn’t have even dreamed about how much fun and motivation this project gives me back and what I can actually learn from it.

This is so fascinating to watch. I grow! Day by day! I get closer to my goals! Day by day! And so can you!

Take the first step and finally start to do something. Don’t sit around and dream! You have done that for far too long! It is time for you to act!

See you next time!

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