#202 20 minutes writing challenge #19 – First song from you guys

Today is the first 20 minutes writing challenge, where I will take one of your song wishes. It is: Together with you, from Moon

Disclaimer: The following song is a wish from one of you, my dear readers. If you want to put me into a similar situation like that, please send me your song wish. I take every song! 😂 💪

Together with …

Oh gosh! What the heck is that? Are you serious? That’s called music these days? I would rather listen to some high school musical tracks, then to that… but anyways. Lets stay professional! Keep it cool! Only 19 minutes left. You can do that!

A car driving by, some people walking outside to the car park. I hope nobody can hear what I am currently listening to. Is that even a professional singer? I have no clue! Never heard about that band before, but actually, I am not really sad about that. I mean, the moments the beat drops in, I have no clue if you can really use a terminology in a song like that, but lets just go with it, is actually not that bad. But the moment the dude starts singing, what the hell? That’s the overkill! What is wrong with his voice? Is that normal?

Oh god… time is really not going anywhere. Still 15 minutes left. 15 minutes!!! Will I survive that one without long therm damages? I hope so! I really hope! But anyways, I can’t just talk this song bad all the time, can I? I mean, he tried his best! Probably! And he likes what he is doing! And of course, he has actually done something! I have no song on Spotify. So, 1:0 for this dude, right? And probably the lady’s like that as well? Sure some do! At least that is what I hope for him! I really do! But hey, maybe they have much better songs in their portfolio. I shouldn’t just assume that every song will be like that. Even though there is a strong internal thought that demands exactly that!

They share the same dreams! Nobody can see what they see! Together they reach for the stars? Mhh, at least the words kind of match to what I am doing here on the blog, right? That’s a start!

Come one, you don’t like it? What is wrong with you? This song is amazing! At least the dimm, dimm, dimm, dimmmmmmmmm

Oh god, can this thing end? Please!!!! This is torture! Or even worse then that! Please tell me that you don’t like it as well! I am not the only one that get’s rather aggressive, right? Can’t stand this any longer! Please! Go! Time! Go! Fly! Fly by! Time flies all the time, why don’t just now when I want it to be over soon.

What kind of song is that anyways? A love song? Not really, right? A radio song? Not really, as well! It’s like a combination of modern talking, at least from the high pitched voice, some radio beats and a really horrible song text. Who has written the lyrics? A three year old? Ok, that wasn’t fair, but I am really struggling to continue with this thing. Thank god I have my superpower! Otherwise I wouldn’t continue that, right?

Ok, the end is near! Just some other dimmm, dimmm, dimmm, dimmmm. I really like that part of the song. But for the other 97 %, I don’t want to listen to that song ever again.

I will just sit this out!

Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one! Done!

See you next time!

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