#201 Entrepreneurship & Business – S1 E8 – Just try something out!

Why don’t you just try something out? You have that one particular idea in mind and it already survived more then a docent rounds of trying to talk the idea bad in your mind? Well, then it is time for you to move on and take the next step!

Learning how to fail? Not that easy, I know! Too often, we focus so much on not failing, that we actually don’t do anything. We don’t take the next step! We don’t start the next round. We simply stay where we are. Afraid of doing a mistake and destroying the idea we have in mind. Well, in case you haven’t figured that out already, at least on my gravestone I want people to read the following: “died while trying“, instead of the alternative: “died but has never tried“.

At the end of your life, you want to look back at what you have done and want to be able to say: “At least I have tried! I have done everything that was possible for me!” And that is it! That’s what we want to achieve! How often do we really take action? How often do we really take the next step? How often do we say something like:

“I believe in this idea! I think that it has potential! And do you know what? I will just try it out!”

Not that often, right? We are afraid about the reactions of others. We keep ourself small. Hiding in our warm and luxurious comfort zone. Going out there? Are you mad? No way! So what do we do? We do nothing. A dream stays a dream. An idea stays an idea. But dreams will be soon forgotten. And ideas will be soon the ideas of others. But the question is, do you really want that to happen? Or do you want to be able to tell your grandchildren that you have tried?!

Would I have a blog today, if I hadn’t just tried it out? No! I would not! This thing would be still a dream, an idea, or even worse, a forgotten dream, or the idea of someone else. Entrepreneurship & Business doesn’t mean to just talk or think! I have done that more then enough times already!

It is time for you to really figure out what you want? Staying a dreamer? Or changing to the other side and finally do something?

It is up to you. As always in your life. As my sister used to say to my mum back in the days when we were younger: “Leave me alone, this is my life!“. I wasn’t wise enough to understand the real meaning of it, but I guess, she hasn’t figured that out at that time as well. But in that statement is enough aggression to slam some doors, so why don’t we stop slamming doors and finally start our projects? Who can hold us back?

Just try it out! How hard can that be?

See you next time!

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