#220 Writing a daily blog – *Topic Week 6* – Day 1 – Step by step, day by day – An introduction

Becoming an author, that is one of my dreams. But how do we reach our dreams? What do we need to do? For sure, if you want to become an author, why don’t you try to write something. Sounds like that kind of a really silly advise, at least at first sight, but actually is a pretty damn good idea. So, what did I do? I just started to write something. For sure, I had some projects done at that time already, but those were not really the tip of the mountain so to speak, but rather something down the valley, way down the valley.

We could say that some of those pieces where actually quite ok, but as we all know, quite ok means far away from being superb. But anyways, I thought it through and decided on the 07 of May in 2017 that I will become an author no matter what. Well little did I know, that studying mechanical engineering basically means becoming an author these days. You need to write so many project repots, thesis and stuff, you will not believe it! And I, I did not even had those activities on my mind when setting my goals. Well, after getting my bachelor degree this year at the end of September, I have written more than a dozen reports, thesises and papers. Unfortunately, the master is not really different, at least concerning that topic, therefore I again have the pleasure to write a lot of stuff. This semester alone, more than 250 pages. I mean, I am not complaining about that like all the others because I kind of like writing, but its not really the type of writing I want to be engaged in. Nevertheless, for sure, the more you write, the better you become. Or to put it in another way.

In order to write good things, you need to write a lot of bad things first. Thank god I am good in writing bad things!

But back to the beginning. I started to work on some projects, because that is what you do, right? You don’t write a story, or a book, or what ever, you are working on a project. Therefore, I started with some projects. Ok, not really, those were just little short stories, some random stuff that came up at a certain time in my life, or that I wanted to experience, or what ever there was coming up my way. I was sitting in my apartment, dimmed the light and had a glass of wine. Why? Because that’s what authors do, right? They drink! So, I drank! It worked? Actually, yes it did! But I guess even alcohol has its limits. It can open up your mind, of course, allowing you to forget about your miserable life for a couple of hours and borrow some luck from tomorrow as some might say, but I guess in my case, those stories where just nonsense. No one wants to read that, or should read that, ever! But you need to start somewhere, right? And after some more fancy Friday evenings, where I tried to get into the flow, I finally started to work on a real project! A book! That was the outcome I had in mind, at least at the beginning. But little did I know. I do not even read a lot, how can I even write a book then? Who would read that? Who would be willing to pay for that? But anyways, I was young, naive and short minded, therefore I just went on. Writing one page after the other. Well, after some time, I guess it was like nearly half a year into the project, I started to feel a kind of an uncertainty, growing from time to time, until it became such a huge thing, that I couldn’t ignore the signals anymore. There where some pages written already, that’s just the way it is, but without any feedback or knowledge about writing, it felt more like to run in circles, instead of actually making a kind of a progress and getting somewhere with this book. Oh, and don’t forget the fact, that I wasn’t really good at writing at all. I mean, I am still not good, but who cares, right? I just do what I want to do and if you don’t like that, well, good for you. But I will not stop! I will just work on my skills. Step by step. Day by day.

But finally, I decided, that it wasn’t the best idea to continue with this book anymore. Without the experience and the feedback, the idea did not really seemed to be a good investment for my time any longer. Therefore, I decided to stop working on the thing all together and instead focused on something else. Well, that something else is the thing you are currently reading. Yes, I have a blog. Why? Well, it was a kind of a short therm decision, so I can not really tell you how I got here. I mean, I just started 220 days ago and simply continued to write every day, step by step, day by day. But we will see where this is leading me to.

As you would probably imagine by now, the book was somehow related to the topics I write about in this blog, therefore it wasn’t just a typing exercise, but instead a very useful first loop to get a better understanding of those complicated topics, but also allowed me to focus on my writing skills.

What is he talking about? Which writing skills?

Yeah, you are probably right. I mean, after more than 150.000 words, I have written in the last 220 days for this blog alone, I have made some progress. But still, there is so much room for improvements, but that’s just how it is.

Well, after that little introduction, we can finally start into this weeks topic week. As the title already suggests, we will talk about “writing a daily blog“. So, this is not about how to do or start a blog or the top ten things you need to know, or the what ever you can find out there in the World Wide Web, this is not about such things. Why? Because I actually have no clue about that all. I am just a normal human being. There is nothing special about me. There is nothing you couldn’t do as well. So why should I give you those fancy top ten what ever hints to improve your project, when instead you actually need the way more interesting hard facts about this topic, that no-one is really taking about. Therefore, this topic week is dedicated to the implementation of such a blog project into your life. It is a about the good days and the bad days, the ups and downs, the inspired and flow stated writing sessions and the frustrated and angry moments. This is the truth about it. At the end of the week, I hope you can decide for yourself, if this is something for you, or if you better do something else with your valuable time.

Let the topic week begin!

See you next time!

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