#221 Writing a daily blog – *Topic Week 6* – Day 2 – Another day, another post

What does it mean to write everyday?

Well, it means exactly that. Someone may just write every single day. Of course there will be some days, where your time is really limited, or something happens, or you just don’t feel like it. But that’s the thing about writing daily. For sure, everyone can write something when they feel like writing something. “Oh, I was so in the flow yesterday evening! It was just fantastic!” Sure, these days happen as well, but what do we do on the other days? On days, where it doesn’t feel like being anywhere close to a flow state. Where in fact, we don’t want to write anything. But that’s the important point. Meditating in an 2000 years old silent retreat temple with no wifi, no phone service and a no talking policy, for sure I can meditate there. But what about my daily life? Can I calm down in situations when things are getting over my head, when some external factors are making a lot of noise? In meditation, we want to implement these skills into our real life, well, with writing, I do exactly the same.

Where is the purpose of writing, when you can not actually do it at anytime and at any place? Where is the deal with needing at least one bottle of red wine and an English country side inspired office, in order to get into the flow state? I may see the topic a little bit different than others, maybe even all the others, but hey, let’s see where this is leading me to.

Writing every day, a struggle or the best thing in the world?

That’s a good topic to start a discussion about! For sure it is a struggle! Because that is what you want to hear. I am not allowed to tell you, that actually, it is absolutely no big deal. An hour a day? You have that time! No problem! But of course your arguments are right, I am studying right now, therefore time is something I should have. And then I have no kids and not this, and no that. But hey, please remember, it was you who decided to have all of that. Oh and don’t forget that I was working a 40 h workweek at the beginning plus writing my bachelor thesis for the first three month of this project, so, its not that I am just that A typical clichè of a modern “enjoy your life while traveling the world” kind of type and say thing like “don’t work your ass off until you die“, but instead represent the “anticlichè“.

Sorry for my language, but those young people these days, what is wrong with them? What the fuck has happened? They think they know something about life, but in fact, they have absolutely no clue. Well, this is not the right time to talk about that, but I guess it’s quite important to mention, that I am not like that! I have very old school ideologies, therefore I may look different at this world and where we are heading to. Of course, I can just guess where this is all leading to, but it’s obvious, that a lot of young people these days will soon realize that they are on the wrong path. Life is not supposed to be hard, but its not supposed to be that easy as well. You need to suffer, you need to push through and work hard! But of course, in a healthy and more balanced way. Writing everyday would be such a thing. For sure, people are more open to do projects like this and of course, it is much easier to actually start something like that today, than it was 50 years ago with no internet. But what people don’t get is the fact for whom they are doing this. This blog project is mainly for me. This is my project! Why do I do it? To work on my goals! And what is my goal? What is my higher purpose? And that’s the moment where it gets interesting. If you are on a mission, no one stops you! If you know the “why“, it is only half as hard to do. Therefore, it is definitely not a struggle for me to do this everyday, but instead the best thing in the world. Wait! Not the best thing, but one of the best things. If you know what I am talking about? Porsches of course, I am talking about Porsches! But you understand what I try to say.

So what do I do? I just write every day.

Do you have some really bad days sometimes where you don’t want to write something?

Actually, I don’t.
What? I don’t believe you!
No, honestly! I don’t! I do not have those moments.
I can not believe that! That’s not supposed to be!

I know, and that is the hard thing for me to understand. The way I go through life is definitely not the easiest one. I struggle, a lot! But with other things. Not with the things normal people would struggle with. I get up every single day, knowing that I will not struggle to find the motivation for doing something, because that is totally under my control. I get up and just do it. It feels like the easiest thing in the world. Well, for me, actually it is. It is really just that easy. But that’s not normal. That is not how it is supposed to be! And that’s the issue! If something isn’t actually hard for you to do, what do you do? You are making it harder. You increase the intensity, you speed up, you try to step over the limits. But where is that leading us to? We all know that. It’s very important to find the right balance. Especially if you are having the same endless motivation as I have. You can just go on and on, but your body will soon tell you when it is enough. And it really means that! If it is enough, it is enough! But again, this is a topic for another time.

Where do you get your ideas?

To be honest, I don’t read much these days. Have I ever read a lot? No! I hated reading. Reading? No! Sports? Yes! But some years back in time, this world opened up for me. I realized the importance of reading and actually, that I kind of like reading. Not in the typical way, but in my own way. So, I can summarize that with the words. I have no clue about books, I have just read a few, I guess around 20 books in my life. Well, I like to reread books, therefore there are some on that list, that I have read more than five times already, but again, that is something for another time. The thing is, that I don’t see my lack of reading as a problem, because actually I kind of see that issue in a good way. I do things differently, or at least try to do that. For me, a book that will be written in the 21th century can not be like all the others out there on the market. Come on, no one reads books these days. Why? I mean, that depends on who you are talking to, but most of the time because of the bad user experience. It takes a lot of time, is not well written and there is nothing to laugh about. Sure, there are some books out there who are ticking some of those boxes, but generally speaking, they are all the same.

That is the reason why I may do things differently and will do those things more differently in the future. Maybe this is the thing someone has waited for.

My idea is pretty simple. I do that project to help myself. That is where my motivation comes from. My main goal is that, my life, my problems. What comes after that, for sure, I want to help others and stuff, but the main goal is focused on me. I want to grow, I want to reach my goals. Other people out there, they are not really honest, neither to themselves nor to others. They build up that facade around them, blocking their feelings and emotions and pretend to be the ultimate super human that want to support others. They do not tell you the truth. They do not tell you how they feel. I mean, for sure the trend is going back from that and leads towards representing a more authentic lifestyle, because they are of course not stupid, but I hardly can believe that. Sure, there are some out there, who really try to be as honest as possible, but the majority of people don’t go deep enough. They just scratch the surface, forgetting about the problems and stuff and only show you the positive sides.

Am I different? To be honest, I hope so, but of course I can not be sure about that. But at least I am working on that, every single day. That’s the reason, why I write about things I care about. On my blog, there is not a single word, that I have written in order to please others, or to talk about up to date issues in order to get some traction. I chose my topics in a very spontaneous way, therefore I do plan the weeks ahead, but that is it. If something is interesting for me and helps me to grow, or actually necessary for me in order to move on, then I am focusing on that.

I just say, ok, let’s write about something for Entrepreneurship & Business on Wednesday and then simply do that, write about a topic I need to think about, or need to get the information anyways or actually have done some reports and stuff for university classes. Do I need to do some research? Yes, of course. But it depends on the topic, really. Sometimes, I have done the research for my university anyways, or for other projects in my life and simply share my knowledge in a very summarized kind of way, creating short texts, that are hopefully not too boring to read. But I know, I am still talking too much and don’t get it into the “Short, Sharp & Sexy” kind of format, where I want this project to get closer to.

But let’s see. I have some ideas in the back of my head, which I want to implement in the next couple of weeks and month and hope, that this will help me to improve my blog step by step, day by day.

See you next time!

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