#222 Writing a daily blog – *Topic Week 6* – Day 3 – Where to start?

Working on a project like a daily blog, is actually kind of a hard thing to grasp. Especially, if you haven’t experienced it by yourself.

You basically start with a blank piece of paper and try to get somewhere close to what you want to do. Meaning, that you have absolutely no clue how to get there, what you need for this and how it will look like in the future. Therefore, it is more on the entrepreneurial side of things as others might think or say. Basically, you need to “start up” this system by yourself. What is the general topic? What do you want to talk about? How do you want to implement yourself into the system? Do you like to interact with other people? Questions over questions. I mean for sure, you can just start with something and see where this is leading you to, step by step, day by day. Because that is what I have done/ still do, but if I would need to start it again, I would definitely think more about a general concept and what I want to implement into the project before actually starting to write a single word, but that is just what I would suggest. You can of course do what ever you want to, because there is no right or wrong, especially in this kind of an environment.

1. Define the topic you want to write about
2. Define the name of your project
3. Define the style you want to implement
4. Decide on the software
5. Create a roadmap where you want this project heading towards

Assuming that you have followed that advise you have already overcome the first barriers. Well, this seems to be not the hardest thing to do, but actually is something you should definitely think about more than you may want to or have already. This is your direction. This is what this project will be all about. This is what you represent. Of course you can have a specific topic to write and talk about, or a more general, wide spreading one, like I have. But still, people will connect the name of your blog with something. Make sure that the name kind of fits into the environment you are about to create.

And what is next?

Next comes the fun part. You definitely need content! So, why don’t you write something. You may do not know if you want to write every day, or on a regular basis, or in what ever kind of way you can possibly do it, therefore you should take your time, figure out what you want and check out if it is working for you and your life or not.

Believe me or not, but on my very first day, I had never ever thought about these things. I was just jumping into the cold water, starting this in less then 2 hours. Well, 222 days later I still think that the name is awesome, and the topics as well. But I guess, I was just lucky. In my next life, I will think more about that. Giving me a couple of days to make things right. Oh, and don’t forget my lack of actually knowing how often I want to write something for the blog. Well, little did I know, that from that day on, I will just write every single day. For sure, that is something you should definitely think about, especially if you have a lot of stuff to do, like I have. But in the end, if you really want something, no one can stop you. During my journey, some other people mentioned that I shouldn’t write everyday, telling me to write once a week and stuff, and for sure, that has its advantages as well. But that is just not what I stand for. I know that this is kind of the overkill thing to do, writing so much stuff that someone might hardly read every single day, but believe me or not, it helps me a lot to improve and that is what I am focusing on.

Should I interact with others or not? How to get follower?

Depending on your goals, these are very easy questions to answer. If you want to be famous and get a lot of followers and stuff, for sure, you should interact with them. But only, if that is really who you are and what you stand for. For me, it was and still is kind of a strange thing to do. At the beginning, I was just doing that for myself and didn’t wanted others to know about my little project. Meanwhile, I have changed that a little bit. But with a little bit, I am talking about mentioning the blog on my social media accounts and posting some stuff, but still, I am not really trying to get a lot of followers. You are asking why? Well, first of all, I have other priorities in my life, so, I am not interested in becoming famous or get a lot of follower and stuff, because that is not who I am. I am just a normal person. I don’t need the attraction from others, or their affirmation and stuff, because I know that I am on the right path already.

But then getting followers is of course a matter of time and effort you invest into that and to be honest, I have other things to do. For sure, if someone would just reach out to me, having questions and stuff, I am more than willing to support them, at least in the way I can do that in my situation, but besides a handful people, there is not really a lot going on on the commenting side of life. Therefore I get some followers and likes from time to time, but it is not really growing ultra fast or something like that. If you are interested in getting followers and stuff, I would highly suggest you to not ask me, because I have no clue about that. I just follow my dreams.

But I am sure, that a lot of people are actually writing their blogs about these topics, therefore just reach out to them, listen to their advice and start to work on that. But for me, it is not the right time for this thing to grow ultra fast. Sure, I wouldn’t say no if I get more followers and traction, I mean, at the end of the day, you just invest really much time into this project. So, I understand why someone might actually want to earn money with something like that, even I have considered that, but right now, there is not enough traffic on my website to even think about establishing something like that.

See you next time!

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