#238 Project W (double you) – S2 E6 – Keep the momentum


“You can do it if you believe you can!”

Napoleon Hill

Keep the momentum. That is something we can easily understand. Why? Because we already know that from our own experience, from our own life’s. Once the heavy object is starting to move, it actually feels much easier to maintain that sliding condition. Well, that is of course not just a feeling we have, but instead how our physical world works. The only thing is, that people forget about this fact from time to time.

Instead of keeping on going, we stop, too often. Well, there is absolutely nothing to say against a short break, but the thing is, the starting process consumes just so much energy. It takes us so much time to finally get going again, that we do not get far anyways, sometimes even need to take another break directly after that.

But what do you suggest? Just keep on going? All night long?

No, of course not in that way, but keeping the momentum, that’s what I am saying. Rome wasn’t build in one day, why are we trying to do everything as fast as possible? Life is not about arriving, life is about the process to get there. And believe me when I say:

“Once you have truly understood that message, it’s actually getting even harder to fight for your goals.”

In the past you knew exactly where you wanted to go and worked your ass off in order to reach these particular goals you had in mind. But now this isn’t the end of the rainbow anymore, it doesn’t represent the end goal any longer. There will come something else, something even harder, something even more challenging. But how do we react? Are we just accepting our faith and pushing through? Or do we start to ask uncomfortable questions? Do we start to question our lifestyle? Do we start to question our goals? Do we start to question our reasons for doing it?

You might think: “What the hell is going on? Why do I even do that? Why do I suffer? Why don’t I just step back and enjoy life like all these other people out there?”

Sure, that wouldn’t happen to you personally, because you are that ultra motivated and never ever even thinking about stopping kind of dude with the endless motivation, but for me, this is basically the regular mindset mess I need to deal with. This is why I do not reach my goals. This is why I suffer so much. But it doesn’t need to be like that.

Let’s just take my writing project here real quick. I do this project for quite some time already. But how does my daily life look like? Do I get up in the morning and think like this?

Mehhh… only two people have visited my website yesterday… This project is not going into the right direction … Where is the reason in keeping on doing it? I do not get much likes, I do not get much comments. Is it really worth the effort? Is that really worth my time?

Is that what I need to deal with? Every single day? No! Of course not! If that would be the case, you wouldn’t read this post, that you are currently reading. I probably would have stopped already. No-one can endure such a miserable state of mind for a longer period of time. Pushing through under these conditions? That’s a tough challenge.

I mean, do not get me wrong on this. This is exactly how I must feel, but the question is, why don’t I feel that? Why do I keep on going like it would be the easiest thing in the world? If someone would have asked me to describe how this project will look like 238 days after starting it, I definitely had other plans.

I would have imagined hundreds of followers, way more readers and definitely more feedback. I mean, come on! We are so many people on this planet, but nobody reads my blog? That seems to be unfair! That seems to be wrong. I must do something wrong! What is it that I am doing wrong? What do I don’t see? What is this blog missing out on?

Well, if every single day of my life would look like this, how likely is it that I would move on? That I get up in the morning and write this blog, even if it is 6 am on a Saturday morning. That I invest some of my valuable time for creating something that no-one reads? The thing is, I wouldn’t do that. There is no chance, that anybody would endure that for long. But why do I still keep on going? Why do I do not stop? Why do I do not even think about stopping?

Not because I am different, not because I am special, but because I prevent this situation from happening all together. I keep the momentum!

How often do you think is there a need for me to remind me about the fact, that there is a daily blog post waiting for me to get written? How often do I have the time to think about where this project is leading towards? I do not get up and ask myself what I want to do. This is not about how I feel. I just took the decision to write this blog ones and then simply did it since then, every single day. For sure, you start to think about the project during your journey. But that is nothing I need to deal with on a regular basis.

Do you see what I am trying to tell you with this post? The difference between these two mindsets means the world for someone. But if you are observing the situation carefully, you will realize that it is the exact same situation.

You can never change the situation you are in, that is just how it is, but you can change the way how you deal with it. You can change what you feel, you can change how you react.

Do I start to doubt the project every single day? Do I think about stopping this project all together? Or do I focus on the things that I can actually change? I can not change if you are reading this or not. But I can change what you would read. I can change what I do, what I talk about, what I think is important in life.

Where would this project leading me to, if I would have the first mindset I described? Sooner or later it would make me stop? It would make it harder to continue, post by post, day to day!

Nobody is perfect, nobody has endless motivation. Nobody can push through everything. But with the right strategy, you can actually prevent a lot of things from happening. As you can see here on my blog, I write every single day. How often do you think was there a need in the last 238 days for me, to ask myself if I should write something today or not? This happened not even once! Why? Because I started this process 238 days ago and simply keep the momentum. I just know that I have to do it and therefore do it. There are no questions necessary. And the same goes for all the other things in my life. It is really that easy.

“Sure, you might say that it is easy for me, because of my unique situation. But in your case, this is completely different. We can not compare your situation to my easy life. It wouldn’t work for you and your problems. You are suffering from real problems. From overwhelmingly huge obstacles. You would wish to have only my small little problems. Your life seems to be so much harder. You are suffering from unique problems and situations. Therefore you can not possibly do it in that way. That wouldn’t work! You better don’t continue your project, you better stop!”

We all have these thoughts, right? We all think that our problems are the most important once. The problems others have, they are not really difficult to overcome, but our own problems, these are the real once.

Well, as I have already described in #141 The uniqueness of ones own story … this is in fact what we believe is true, even though, a lot of people are going through difficult times during their life here on earth as well. But actually, you are instinctively right. Your problems are in fact the ones that are the most important, at least for you. This is your life. You are playing the main character, of course. Therefore, your problems really should be the ones you might focus on.

Keeping the momentum is just that very basic life philosophy, I highly recommend you to implement into your life, in case you haven’t done that already. It is based on scientifically proofed observations, actually working and easy to implement. You can notice if it is working or not just in the moment and do not need to wait for a couple of weeks, month or even years to figure out if it is working for you, or not.

But sure, you are right, its is nothing more or less then forming a habit for doing something and then simply do it.

There is no need for you to even think about doing it or not, it simply becomes a part of your daily life and you do not notice that something is wrong, until you are missing the feeling of doing it.

But I guess, this is it for today. If you have any questions, ideas or opinions, feel free to share them with me directly by posting a comment, or write me an email or a text message.

Project W (double you) is a part of my attempt to make reaching your goals as easy as sending an email. If you are interested in more of that, feel free to read all the other posts or get in contact with me directly for further information. I’m also trying to ramp up a coaching program these days, therefore, you might be interested in that as well.

See you next time!

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