#141 The uniqueness of ones own story …

There is a very famous saying that each and everyone of us has heard at least once in this current lifetime. Oh, and just for the records, I don’t care if this statement is really from Mark Twain or not. For todays matter, this has not the slightest importance.

“History doesn’t repeat itself, but it does rhyme.”

Mark Twain

If we are having a hard time, and I am talking about a really hard time in someones life, we are often tend to think, that our situation is unique in its existence. We are asking ourself or a higher power why this is happening to us. Why? We can not understand it! And to be honest, in those moments, we do not understand it. There is no chance for us to get the message! Our mind, just way too short sighted. We focus on the pain, the bad feelings, the anger.

https://media.istockphoto.com/photos/dark-foggy-forest-picture-id586931728?k=6&m=586931728&s=612×612&w=0&h=uhhTFAJjus4SbGSInnrcSWPSOXVH5u2-g2r_WapRSIc= 17.11.2019 12:23

Years later, we look at the whole thing from another point of view. We are not shortsighted anymore. We see the whole picture. Not as we have seen it in that moment, but literally with other eyes. But still, this story, our story, unique. One of a kind! The worst thing that could happen. We survived, luckily. Thank god, or whoever you believe in.

But what we still don’t get is the fact, that this tragic moment in our life’s, however hard it must have felt, is neither unique, nor one of a kind.

This week, I had a conversation with someone I have never spoken before. We talked about our lives, the things we have experienced, the good moments and the bad ones. And what a surprise, there it was again, that moment when you realize, yes, my story was hard! But his story, it might felt even harder for him, then I have felt.

We are all suffering. Of course not from the same cause, but from very similar circumstances.

What is the reason behind all of this? What is life all about?

On our quest to try to solve that riddle, we take a lot of different paths. Some walk in a straight line, others in circles. It doesn’t really matter, but the situations we are facing. They are not unique! And the sooner you understand this, the sooner you will be able to deal with your problems.

This life is a gift. This life is a chance! This life is unique! You are unique! But don’t think that you are the only one that suffers. Don’t make the mistake to think that you need to get out of that hole alone. There are so many people in this world, sure, you don’t like everyone, and yes, you don’t want to show your weaknesses, but remember, there are people out there who have suffered twice as much as you have! They understand you! They can help you! They can show you the way.

In this modern world, people tend to think that they need to be perfect. They think, they need to hide their emotions. They see weaknesses as something bad, and not as a chance for improvement.

This life, it can not be lived the right way or the wrong way. Because we actually do not know what the right way is. This life belongs to you. Therefore, you can do with it, what ever you want to. Because at the end of the day, there is only one questions you need to answer! And this is:

Was it all worth it?

Have you lived the life you wanted to live? Or have you lived the life, others expected from you to live?

Life is too short to not follow your passions. Actually, I have no clue how often I need to tell you that. Hopefully it sticks some time or another.

Your story, not unique. Everyone is suffering. Everyone is doubting his or her own abilities. We are all just human beings. Nobody is perfect.

If there is only one thing you should take from this post, then it the following.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help, because others are only waiting for you to give them the go. Your story is not unique, we all have experienced and will experience hard times. But if you let others help you, they will in fact just do that, helping you.

See you next time!


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