#241 Being illuminated? The problem about being one step ahead – *Topic Week 7* – Day 1 – Introduction

Disclaimer: The following text might be disturbing and may attack your complete believe system. Oh, and it is definitely not really short, but worth reading anyways.

Being one step ahead, that is often times considered as something good. You can outmaneuver your opponents, plan the next steps or prepare yourself for the impact. Sure, on the battlefield this might sound actually quite useful, but what about our daily life.

Since my early childhood I was raised up relatively speaking “open minded“. I was introduced to things like meditation, Reiki or Tai Chi, way before these things got socially accepted. Coming from this background, it was only a matter of time for me to move on, to take the next step. As you can read at certain points in my blog, I went through a very hard crisis in my life already, which had a huge impact on who I am today.

What do I think who I am, suggesting publicly that I might be illuminated? But of course this is more than just a cliffhanger.

Being at another level? That is something we always want to be. We always want to improve, to move on, to succeed. But what does it really mean to take certain steps in life? How does your life change? Your relationships with others? The way you live?

People set themself goals, goals they want to reach, no matter what. At least that is what I can observe when I have a close up look at what I do. Sure, I know about some of the consequences, but that is definitely not it. Thats not the end of the line and it never was.

In this topic week I want to talk about something not many people have done before me. I want to give you some insights into a world that might be your situation already, or will be your situation in the future. I want to talk about your life, after the moment you understand the higher truth in your existence.

Sure, I guess I should define the term “higher truth” a little bit further, that’s the reason why todays introduction is exactly about that.

When people think about illumination, or understanding a higher truth, they are very likely to put you in that special drawer you definitely don’t want to be in. Because that is the one for the freaks, the idiots, the liars, the mentally ill and all the other names people might give us.

Sure, that is a natural reaction that just happens instinctively without really noticing, but it happens and that’s the thing we need to deal with later on in the week. But for the moment, I want to talk more about the kind of illumination that triggers this behavior.

Being illuminated?

The moment you go through a crisis like I have, or survive a life threatening situation, an illness, the loss of someone close, or what ever it is that starts your mind to change, you have the possibility to step out of the system. Sure, in that moment it seems to be everything else besides a positive associated possibility, but later on in life, you will describe it exactly as such. You start to ask the right questions. You think about what you are doing. You are looking for the reason why you are even in this wonderful world. As the months and years go by, it will present itself, in case your attempt to break out of the system was a success, or if you have fallen back into the old pattern. But in case your new mindset actually survived this years of seeking for adaption, you reach a very dangerous but fascinating point in your life. Your old believe system starts to fall apart which, by the way seems to be wrong all together and a huge field of totally new impressions comes up on the horizon. Depending on what kind of information you consume at that time, this will either lead you back in line, or even further out there into the darkness.

It seems like a false thing to say, when combining the term illumination with going into the darkness, but actually, that is exactly what it is.

Depending on your strength and endurance capabilities you might fight against the gravity that wants you back in the old pattern, the easy life, the world you are already so familiar with. The world in which all your friends and relatives are, but if you really understood something in that period of your life, you do not want to go back there, never again. You want to be free, like a bird, stepping outside the box, living outside the system. Free like a bird? Well, what sounds like a trip after consuming a high dose of any kind of illegal drug, will be actually your new mindset. You are highly unstable, your thought system gets constantly challenged, you are seeking for a reason to exist, looking for your mission in life. Looking for your task in this world.

Who am I and what do I need to do?

While I was in that kind of period for more than 2 years already, I recently realized that I made the next step. I thought that I know how the world works, I thought that I was on the right path. I thought that I understood the secret about life. But well, well, well, little did I know.

The thing about being one step a head doesn’t mean to be better than someone else. It doesn’t mean to be on the right path and everyone else therefore must be wrong. For too long, I thought that I have understood it, I thought that this was the universal truth, this was the way into the light.

But, I was wrong…

It is not about this and it never was about that. There is no reason for living, there is no task you need to do. Why do we do what we do? Why do we believe what we believe? Who are we anyways?

In the end you might understand the truth. There is no truth.

The moment we think, we are open for all the impressions that come our way. We are constantly getting influenced. Life is a constant game to figure out what might be right and what might be wrong. Well, without knowing what is exactly right or wrong, this task seems to be the overkill. How can we do that? The answer is, we can’t! We can not possibly find that out. But the important thing here to understand is the following:

You do not need to find that out.

We are always looking for a reason in life, even though we already know that there is non. We fight against people that might believe in something else, even though we do not even know if our own believe system is right. Daniele Ganser is right when he says, that we are all a part of the “world family“. But we don’t understand that.

If you are not supporting my believe system, you must be against it!

But that is so completely wrong. This seems to be so stupid, that’s the behavior of a 5 year old child, right? But still, we are doing that, every single day.

The moment you understand this in life, you are ready for the next step. Life is not what it seems to be. This whole system is just something that was made up. That is all invented by people. Religions, traditions, special Hollidays, time, rules, everything. It is all made up by people to get control. For the good or the worse? It is not my part in this life to rule about that and actually there is not even a need for doing that. There is no need judge about others. To question their motives, to prevent them from doing what they do. Life is not about that. The moment you can get away from the believe system that was planted in your head, you can finally see the world with different eyes. Everything you are doing, everything that is in your head, it is all there because someone or yourself have planted it there. Why do you have breakfast? Why do you have a bedroom? Why do you have a job? Why do we drive on the right, when others drive on the left? Why do some people wear a tie and others don’t? What is the reason in life? What is the end goal? There is no goal! There is no reason! Until…

Until you start to set your goals. Until you define your own reason.

We are living in a society that isn’t honest. It never was and it never will be. The truth is something very rare to occur. We live in this modern world and think that we know how it works. We think that we understand what life is all about, but actually we don’t.

We are driving with 400 km/h in a super sports car through a minefield, blindfolded, with thousands of impressions that are hailing down on us every split second.

We are constantly getting influenced, we are constantly getting betrayed. It doesn’t matter if we are talking about the industry, the politics or even the most simple of things, like talking with your neighbors. This thing in our mind is constantly running, constantly trying to filter out what is right or wrong. But wait a second, we were already there. We do not know what is right or wrong. What the fuck are we even doing? We discriminate, we suppress, we defame other believe systems.

What the fuck is wrong with us? What do we think who we are? The answer, we don’t think about that. We do not actively go there. That would be too exhausting anyways, we have developed the habit to do that just besides our normal life. We do what ever we think is right and the moment someone comes up with another believe system he instantly attacks our life, the world for which we stand for. He is a threat to our own believe system, an enemy that needs to get out of the way.

But that is not how you can proceed. That is not how you can get anywhere far down the road. We need to stop this. We need to stop attacking other believe systems. For sure, there are a lot of wars in this world, people that kill each other. Of course, that is something that shouldn’t be happening and actually is forbidden anyways, but that is usually not what we do. We don’t fight against each other physically, that is not what the average person does. But sometimes, our method to deal with that might be even as hard as that. Using the internet to attack other believe systems, to spread what you think might be right? For sure, I am doing the very same thing.

I am writing about what I think is right. But, and this is the important thing about it. I know, that I am wrong. I know that there is no right or wrong. If you think that this is right or wrong? That doesn’t change anything. I respect you as a person. As a part of our family. Life is too short to fight against each other. Where is this leading us to?

You need to wake up. The only person that is responsible for your situation is you! Everyday you get up and do what you do. Not because someone tells you that. Not because that is what you need to do. But, because you want to do it. You decide to go to work, to buy that car, to have kids, to do your sport, to watch that movie and not the other. To write a book, or to listen to music. Everything you are doing is something you want to do. Everything you have done in your life so far, it was always you, it was always your decision.

But what does that mean?

This means, that you can do everything. You can reach everything. There are no limits. No-one can hold you back. No-one can talk you down. Your mind is always free. There are no limits. But what do we do? We limit ourself. We start to believe in something. We start to listen to what others say. We start to get influenced. We start to get afraid. Afraid about the reactions of others. Afraid about how they will react.

In this topic week, we will talk exactly about that. What does it mean to be one step ahead of most of the others?

Welcome to the seventh topic week.

See you next time!

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