#245 Being illuminated? The problem about being one step ahead – *Topic Week 7* – Day 5 – The conclusion

Realizing that each and every person in this world needs to be treated equally, we have to stop differentiating between certain groups of people. While some people even struggle to accept other cultures, religions, or colors, having fixed these issues is by far not the end of the line. Even if you have already understood that there is no need for racism in this world, you might still separate the people from each other by comparing their behaviors in life, their jobs, their nutrition, their free time activities or what ever comes up in your mind.

We all have a certain understanding about what might be right and what might be wrong. For sure, this will differ from one person to the other. For example, a vegan person will put you, as someone who enjoys meat on a regular basis into a completely different group than another person that might do not care so much about nutrition after all, but has a problem with your big SUV that destroys our environment. Sure, you might ask yourself right now:

What’s the difference between a vegan and a eco friendly person?

Because that often times goes hand in hand, but of course that is just another way how we discriminate other people. Why can’t we accept people as they are, letting them do what ever they want to do, without trying to justify our standpoint, or making jokes, or what ever it is that we are coming up with in order to justify our own way of living.

We need to understand, that life is not about that. Or have you ever read the manual for your life and therefore know exactly what you need to do? Nobody reads these over exaggerated long handbooks, that basically do not give you more insights than do not try to put your cat inside the microwave, or be careful when sipping from a hot coffee. I mean, it would be quite interesting to actually read a manual about life, but I guess, there is non out there on the market right now and even if such a thing would really exist, the moment someone writes such a masterpiece, his believe system will be represented and not the general one that might be something for everyone.

At the end of the day, you will not save the world. But that is not a problem, because nobody expects that from you. Just try to make the world today a better place than it was yesterday.

That is all we need to do. Oh, and forbidding fast cars and SUV’s or all the other things politicians and self-declared environmental activists are yelling on the streets these days is not what it seems to be. We have lost one important skill that was actually quite important to have some 10000 years back in time when every decision could be your last. Listening to what our mind tells us. Too often we accept things as being true, just because others are constantly talking about it. Do you want to have an example?

If you listen to what people are telling you about the current situation on car emissions, then you might think that electric cars are the future and the old fashioned diesel is the most horrible thing that has ever existed. Well, as an engineer I know that this is simply put not true. But a normal person with absolutely no clue about all these things, what do you think such a person might think. Too often we allow the information that comes our way to become an integral part of our believe system, just because a lot of people are repeating the same stuff again and again. This is called propaganda by the way and proofs to be a very effective weapon when it comes to changing markets, destroying industries or being able to attack other countries.

Wake up people, there are just a handful of people out there that are actually telling you the truth. Do not just assume that something might be right or wrong, but instead use this thing that you are carrying around all the time, called your brain and try to figure out if what you think is really what is going on in this world, or just what others want you to think. In the future, this skill will be much more important than anything else. Being able to identify fake news as such a thing and do not get influenced by the propaganda that is spread all over the place. For sure, this might sound a little bit too much over the edge, but if you would be really honest to what is going on these days, you will see how much we are getting influenced on a regular basis.

I know, this is not the easiest thing to do, but in the end, it will make the difference. If you understand how the system works, and only if you really understand it, you will know how to get out of there. But if you do not think about these things, there is no escape. You will not understand why people are doing what they do and therefore be just a part of the system. Joining all the others in doing what people want you to do.

Welcome in the 21th century.

See you next time!

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