#249 Mediation 4.0 – S2 E11 – Only in your head

Have you ever watched a video about someone having an injury and started to notice a strange sensation in that particular part of your body? Maybe your elbow started to tickle, your knee felt like something must be wrong, or you actually felt a little bit of pain? As scientists found out, watching someone struggling with pain actually can trigger our mind in such a way, that we can feel a kind of a pain as well, even though nothing is actually harming us physically. You watch a soccer player in TV getting tackled by an opponent player and actually feel the pain at the very same spot, your soccer idol feels it right now.

This whole thing is of course just happening in our imagination. The moment we focus on a particular body part, our control unit changes the switches and letting you feel what ever comes up from that part of your body.

Generally speaking, there are millions of impressions and feelings your brain needs to deal with every second of your life. That this would be the overkill, is of course just a matter of time, therefore, your brain is in constant contact with basically every single cell of your body, making sure that everything is ok and ready to fight, but you do not notice this constant communication. I mean, at least most of the time. Can you imagine how our life would look like, once we are receiving every single information that flows through our body? I guess, we couldn’t do anything besides trying to breath and stay hydrated. There wouldn’t be any capacity left for doing something else besides trying to survive.

Feeling every blink of the eye, feeling every heart beat? That would consume all your attention. How would you be able to still do your job? Or basically everything else in life?

Therefore, our brain acts as a filter and doesn’t let everything through. I mean, I am not an expert in that kind of field, but for me, this looks like there is a task force sitting in a huge corner office of the main building and deciding in real time what kind of information they want to send through and which they better hide in order to do not get fired, ones the boss has a bad day.

And I mean, don’t get me wrong on that. The system is good as it is. By the way, have you noticed the sensation of your eye blinks a couple of seconds ago when reading about that in the text above? It was there, just short enough to let you notice, but then, suddenly it was gone again. Well, now it is back, right? You feel the sensation, but not even that. You can also control it. You can decide if you want to blink or not. Maybe holding it a little bit longer? Funny right? But the moment your attention is somewhere else, it just goes back into the autopilot mode doing what needs to be done with leaving your attention for something more interesting.

Ok, really impressive! But isn’t this supposed to be about meditation?

Ah, you are right! I need to get to my point. How would you react, if I tell you that sometimes we are causing some reactions in our body, just by thinking about something?

I recently saw a fascinating video about a hypnotizer, talking a bit about how our brains actually work. While listening to that person, I realized that this is something I haven’t really considered yet to be responsible for what I feel sometime or another.

Theory: I have created connections in my brain, that cause my body to react in a certain way every time I simply think about something in particular.

Therefore, I might do not see everything that is going on, but just the obvious reactions that I see, feel, or need to deal with. Maybe, I am overseeing that there is something going on in my head before my body reacts accordingly.

Yesterday, I got my grades from the last semester. You go online and have a look at them. Where? On the website. When? At precisely 10 am. Sure, that is just the moment it starts, but we all know how long we can withstand the excitement for not looking.

Therefore, I was prepared to know my grades exactly at 10 am on the 3rd of March 2020. Here is what I felt.

As the days went by, I actually realized that there was a certain tension in my body, the closer this date came into sight. It was a mixture of anxiety, excitement and nervousness. I really wanted to know how good or bad I was. One day before the event, it actually reached its peak performance at around noon, where I really struggled to find the focus for the things I wanted to do. I basically lost my attention all the time, while my body started to react accordingly, making me feel even more nervous.

But what does that mean. Sure, there was this deadline coming up, but in order to cause the reactions my body was showing me, I first had to think about it, right? I mean come on! There was no reason to be afraid, nervous or what ever I felt. I have never failed a test during my time at university, but still, it is always the same.

But the thing is, there is no need to work against the reactions my body is showing me, which I have tried in the past so often, but rather to even prevent these reactions from happening after all. Because it is all just in my head. It is all just about what I think.

A situation is like it is, but we make it a good one or a bad one in our head.

Therefore, we should ask ourself the next time we struggle again, what is it that caused these reactions in my body? What have I thought about? What do I try to convince myself into that my body doesn’t accept?

For sure, we meditate in order to get to know our own monkey mind, but we tend to forget about this from time to time. Especially, if it becomes a routine.

Make your head right and your body will follow.

See you next time!

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