#250 Two-hundred-fifty days of daily blogging

Yes, I am still here and I still write every single day.

This is the best idea I had in my life so far. At least that was the statement I made all the time! But the thing is, you can not really understand how much this project is changing me! This is like a daily lessons learned session about your life. Sure, you might say that you can do that in your head as well, but this is not the same! Believe me! Because this is real! You post this online and others actually read what you have to say. Therefore, you need to deliver! You need to make it better. You need to improve, work on your skills, deal with feedback and that, every single day! There is no break, no time out, no nothing.

You set your goals ones and then simply give everything you can, every single day!

Most of the time people do not really work hard enough! Why do I know that? Because I can see that in my own life. Sure, I might do more than the average person would do, but still, there is so much room for improvement. If I have a look at my early posts, like traveling back in time some 200 days, I could have made these posts better. I could have changed this one particular sentence, I could have chosen a better example than I did. I could have done so many things differently. But, and this is the cool thing about writing daily, you simply improve day by day and therefore it will become better and better!

This is like going into the gym for an hour every day! There is only one direction in your life and this is climbing up the steps towards your goals, one step at a time, day by day!

But for sure, writing needs to be your thing. I do not want to make this look like it is the easiest thing in the world, even so it actually is the easiest thing in the world for me. But that is simply put a mindset thing.

For me, this project is more than just a blog. In the past, I always used the term: “It’s more than the sum of it words.

What? It’s even more than the 182.006 words you have written so far?

But of course I do not mean it in that way. This project helps me in order to reach my goals and has the potential to support you as well. If you might not be familiar with the blog already, here is a short summary.



The website is basically divided into four subjects.

  1. Blog
  2. The road to success
  3. About me
  4. Coaching

But of course, it is all somehow linked to each other. In the blog section, you can find the following categories.

Life lessons, stories, what comes to mind
Entrepreneurship & Business
Racing is life
20 minutes writing challenge
Topic week
Passion, motivation and mindset (Language learning, Mediation 4.0, Learning, Discipline)

The road to success
– This is my weekly statistic about what I am doing. You can see how I am working on my goals and what it really takes!

About me
– Sure, that’s about me. A short introduction and my goals.

– The newest category on my blog. A first attempt to help individual people in order to reach their goals and change their life.
Project W (double you), a series that deals with that topic already.

If you want to succeed in life, with the term “succeed” meaning reaching your individual goals, you can do everything you believe you can. It is never a matter of pure luck, your genes, or what ever you come up with in order to find an excuse. Reaching goals is just a matter of continuously working on them! Its a process that once and for all needs to be started and then simply continued on a daily basis.

I wanted to become a writer. But how do you become one? By sitting around and dreaming about it? By reading books about it? Or by simply starting to write something? I started this project 250 days ago. Would I have this blog today, if I had listened to what others have said or might have said? Would I have that blog today? No, I wouldn’t! And don’t get me wrong on this. I am not the exception to the rule! I am not better than you are, I am just the average. But I work on myself as hard as I can, do you do the same?

In this blog, you can follow my journey, if you want to. But if I were you, I wouldn’t just read something about it here and there, I would finally start to act! To do something in order to change your situation! The perfect day to start this thing you always had in mind? It will never come! The best day to start your project is today! What are you afraid of? Just do it! It’s that easy!

But anyways! Let’s do what I always do with these special posts and give you some actual numbers.

Countries that have visited my website

After 250 days

clicks: 5176 –> 20,7 clicks a day
Visitors: 1174 from 38 different countries
Likes: 168
Follower: 75
Words: 182006 words
Hours: 485h

But of course, without any reference this can mean anything. Therefore, here is the comparison to 50 and 100 days ago.

And here are some other interesting charts, showing the klicks and the visitors for each and every month. As we can see, generally speaking there has been a minor ramp up starting in November 2019 in both, the amount of klicks and visitors. As the amount of klicks went down slightly last month, the amount of visitors was not increasing. But let’s see how this thing will go from there.


Last but definitely not least, I want to thank my readers for interacting with me and giving me feedback! THANK YOU!

See you next time!


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