#255 Passion, Motivation & Mindset – S2 E6 – It is all a question about being in peace with yourself

If we would forget about our daily life right now, just for a couple of minutes of course and really think about what we are doing all day long. Does that make any sense to you? Does your life look like you are expecting it to be? Are you satisfied with what you are currently doing?

We tend to forget about living in the present moment. Sure, its actually quite hard to just stop in the middle of the process and reflect on what we are doing. But this is what we should do more often, right?

Are you in peace with yourself? Does your story make any sense?

Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and ask myself if this is really the right thing to do. Am I still on the right path? Questions entering my mind that I really struggle to answer honestly.

Who am I and what is the reason for my life? Is it really supposed to be like this? Like it currently is? Is it really all about this? Is that what life is expecting from me? Or is there something else? Something I tend to ignore, something I do not see after all?

Sometimes I can go even beyond that, diving even deeper into the thoughts about life.

And these are the moments we need to truly understand, right? These are the moments that show us what we still have not learned. These are the issues we still need to work on.

If the process doesn’t feel right, you need to make some changes.

If our car’s engine doesn’t work properly, what do we do? Right, we are getting it fixed. But what about our life’s? Who is fixing this? And more importantly, how do we fix it?

Often times we do not fix these things at all. We just do not accept them as they are. We do not accept us as we really are. We are just looking away, continuing to walk on our current path. Looking forward to the end of the suffering somewhere down the road.

But does it really end? Do we really get to such a point somewhere in our life’s?

I can simply do not tell you that. But I doubt that such a place exist.

Life is not about arriving, life is about the journey. Your journey. It will not work without finding the balance. It will not work without finding your inner piece.

But you will understand this yourself, sooner or later.

See you next time!

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