#256 Discipline – S1 E6 – Consistency is king

Who is the king? You are the king đź‘‘! But actually, consistency is the king.

How do you become a doctor, a lawyer, an engineer, a pilot, a race car driver, a soldier, a boss, an entrepreneur, a singer, a songwriter, an author, or what ever it is you want to become?

Right, through working on your skills consistently.

Analyzing any job or title someone might acquire in his life, it is always nothing more nor less than the sum of everything this person has been doing and is still doing in that specific field. I can officially call myself an engineer, but what does that really mean? If we are trying to analyze the situation superficially, someone might come to the conclusion, that becoming an engineer means passing all the exams there are and that’s it. It doesn’t really tell us if someone is good or not, if someone has acquired the skills or not. Sure, the knowledge was apparently enough to pass the exams, but it doesn’t really matter how you get through them, right? Learning everything in the night before and forgetting all about it on the next day? This could be working as well, at least if you are smart.

But of course, this is not what we think. If someone tells us that he might be an engineer, we think that this person actually knows a lot of stuff about things, engineers need to know, right? But do we really become engineers by studying? Or do we rather get to that level somewhere later down the road, after using the knowledge from University in the real world and solve the problems people might have?

It seems like it is not really important which diploma or title you might have, but rather how much time you have invested in a certain topic and how efficient that time investment was, and still is.

What I want to tell you with that?

In order to reach the goals you have in mind, you need to consistently work on your skills. An engineer doesn’t become an engineer over night and the same goes with every other profession. Sure, you might be familiar with the term “Life long learning“, but only in the moment you are combining that with the term “Use it, or lose it“, you will fully understand that this is rather a topic of discipline, then a topic of getting a diploma once or twice in your life.

But we tend to forget about these things in our daily life, right? We somehow have accepted that in order to become a lawyer you need to attend law school and in order to become an engineer, you need to attend an engineering course. But honestly, that is not how it’s working. It’s not like you are sitting there in class for 5 years and finally on the last day someone comes up to you and inserts an USB stick into your head, giving you all the information you need. Its not about just passing the exams and this is it! It’s all about the skills and knowledge you have build up during that time. The thoughts you had, the problems you have solved. Basically, the experience you build up over time.

But how do we do that? How do we keep on pushing?

Most of the time, because either we have to, let’s say you are an employee and your boss is expecting from you to solve this issue, or because you are actually interested in that.

Sure, you might ask yourself if this would be really true, then why do people what they do? And you are right! Life is not working like that!

But we don’t care about how it is supposed to be working! Are you supposed to reach your goals? Is it your faith to fail? It is never about them, or life or what ever. It comes always up to you! Because in the end of the day, you need to be satisfied. You need to be able to tell your grand children that they can be proud of you.

Are you doing enough? Are you hard working?

If it comes to the topic of discipline, some people might just say that they don’t have that and that’s it. Thats the end of the story! But I do not allow that to happen! NO! Discipline is nothing you either have or don’t have at all. Discipline is there somewhere inside of you already. And everyone experiences some kind of discipline.

And if you think, that your are the exception to the rule, no, sorry! That is not possible. Even you have a passion for something. Even you can get driven by something. Discipline is matter of your mindset.

But consistency is the thing that supports you to reach your goals

If someone might want to become a race car driver, he can not just become one by participating in a trackday, or even a complete racing week. In order to become a racing car driver, an astronaut or what ever you want to become, this will always be a very long and hard journey. But that is not a problem, do you know why? Because we split up the whole thing, cutting out tiny tiny pieces and deal with them one at a time. Why do you think are there different subjects at school? Why are there different courses in engineering class? Because they took the big picture and teared it apart into little but easily doable pieces, and someone might just go piece by piece, one step at a time.

But the real secret is of course to consistently work on your skills. Because then and only then, you will not only work more efficient, because you still know the stuff from the other lectures, but also you will form a habit for doing it and simply follow the path down the road towards success.

See you next time!

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