#257 Semester start postponed, thank you corona virus! The start of something new! INTRODUCING a new PROJECT!

As the world seemed to has stopped turning these days, desperate times call for desperate measures, right? No! Actually not! I do not understand the panic. Where is the big deal? But anyways, life goes on.

As Germany needed to react publicly, in order to do not lose face as a sovereign state it wants to represent, it was of course only a matter of time until they would come up with very strange but at least for them logical steps and actions, in order to proof their point, right?

Just for the sake of clarification, todays post is of course not about conspiracy theories, trying to connect the virus with everything else we can come up with. Like so many people are doing these days online. Have you heard about the 5G connection story? Amazing! But sorry, I am just not that creative.

What about forbidding every event with more than a couple of hundreds or even more visitors? What about closing companies for a some weeks, sending pupils back home from school or give you the advice to stay at home after all and go back to your roots.

Well, as I have realized recently, it looks like more people are actually getting forced to live in the same way I live for years on a voluntary basis. The only difference? They might do not work on their goals, but rather watch a lot of TV or other unproductive stuff when being at home.

But anyways, what does a typical 25 year old guy is doing, when he realizes that his holiday will be elongated by some subtle five weeks? Right! He starts a new project.

Introducing a new Project.

Well, how can I even start this. In fact, a couple of days ago, I was just reviewing on my current life and situation and wanted to plan the next projects ahead. But as the new semester would have been started next week, I decided on not starting the next project, because that would have probably cost me a lot of time during the semester, making this even more stressful that it would be otherwise.

I guess, the universe was just listening, right? Be careful what you wish for!

What can I say, I just got the message two days ago, that in fact, my semester will not start until the 20th of April, giving me five complete weeks until I need to be back at university.

Well, call it what you want, but I decided on taking this chance and start off with the project right now.

For sure, I need to build up the tension a little bit, therefore I can not just simply tell you what it is all about, and of course, I am just working on this for the last couple of days, therefore you need to give me some more time to make things right and officially introduce you to the newest project.

But honestly, I guess you will pretty much like it because it will make things easier for you. Therefore, stay tuned and you will see what I am currently working on.

Sure, you want to hear a little hint? It’s what I always wanted to do.

See you next time!

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