#258 Meditation 4.0 – S2 E12 – Why daily isn’t enough

It’s Sunday morning, you wake up at something after eight o’clock in the morning by the sunlight that is already illuminating your bedroom. As you open the window, the birds are singing in front of your garden and the fresh morning air wishes you a great day.

Is that a very high stress situation? Is that what we are afraid of so often in life? Sure, some might say that this is precisely their worst nightmare, probably waking up in their own home somewhere in the country side. But besides your individual issues with growing up, this shouldn’t be a very tense situation for you, right? Starting your meditation under such circumstances, for sure, you will get it done easily. But the question is, how effective will that really be? Will it help you in order to deal with your situations once the stress knocks at the door?

I often times feel two live in two different worlds at the same time. There is the normal world where everything seems to be fine and then there is the panicking one, letting me freak out a little bit here and there, sometimes even without really giving me a reason to go that far down the road.

The problem is of course, that I can not really combine these two worlds and use the same strategies and methods. Therefore, mediating on that bespoken Sunday morning might be a good idea, but it will not really help me to deal with the real problems I have in my life.

That’s like practicing something you can already do, instead of focusing on the things you can not do after all.

But what can we do to change that? Ruin our chilled Sunday mornings for the sake of practicing? That doesn’t seem to be a good idea, right? Therefore, todays topic is all about “why daily isn’t enough“. What I need to do, is to use the moments when I suffer, when I feel the stress, when I feel the unbalance and get this under control. Sure, I can just do my everyday meditation session, but that’s like simply ignoring all my problems and just do it for the sake of doing it. And to be honest, I neither have the time, nor the wish, to waste my time with something that obviously doesn’t work.

Time is too valuable to waste it for things that do not really help you after all.

Therefore, I want you to really think about your meditation practice as well. How effective is it really? Does it really help you? Does it supports you in case of a crisis, or are you becoming a completely different person under these circumstances as well and have actually no chance to do anything against it?

I for my part need to accept, that what I am currently doing is not really helping me at all. Sure, it is better than doing nothing, but I do not really see the progress. I do not really think that this is getting me somewhere. Therefore, I will start to change my system, not following a routine any longer, but instead listen more to my feelings and emotions and try to use the situation at hand to get this back under control.


At the end of the day it comes always back to you and your mindset. Once we are focusing on something, it will just appear in our life’s, no matter if it is something good or something bad.

But I guess, I am just not yet ready to understand it. I haven’t learned the lessons I need to learn.

See you next time!

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