#265 20 minutes writing challenge #23 – The art of not panicking

The art of not panicking

More than ever before in history is the art of not panicking one of the fundamental basics we definitely need in our portfolio of skills. No matter if we are facing a tough challenge at work, at university or in our free time, the moment we can control ourself, we can actually control the situation as well.

And sure, we are not talking about preventing any emotional reactions from occurring, but rather to realize them as such, accept them as they are and find a way around the issue that is allowing us to get back in harmony with ourself and the situation at hand.

In the past, it was very obvious who was the enemy that wanted to eat us, and who wasn’t. Well, in this modern world, we can hardly spot the saber-toothed tiger from the distance anymore, right? Because in fact it may look like you and me or might be invisible after all. It could be basically everyone, attacking us anywhere anytime, therefore our safety system sometimes kicks in, even though that there is not really a threat to us and our life’s all together. But I guess, this behavior just shows us how much human we still are.

But while looking in this world these days, we face even harder challenges than that. Invisible aggressive viruses, economic crashes, natural disasters, the list is long if we really think about it. Sure, in the end, we rather focus on ourself instead of the world population as a whole, but still, we can personally get involved pretty easy.

The moment something like that enters our life’s, what do we usually do? Do we really take a step back, getting our breathing right again and thinking it through, or do we rather escalate the situation very quickly, climbing up the panicking modes ladder until we are close to totally freaking out about it?

Panicking is of course always an option, but if we really think about it, not the best thing to do after all. The moment we are actually panicking, we overwrite our safety systems. We might get into the fight, flee or shock-induced paralysis mode without even noticing it. But once we are there, we are often times lost for the other part of the day, week or even month to come. We are stopping to use our brain and basically just want to run away. Our digestion process is on hold and all the blood gets pumped into your arms and legs, allowing you to wrestle this situation to the ground or run the Boston marathon in an impressive 2h something time.

Well, I can of course speak only for myself, but in the last couple of years, wrestling someone to the ground wasn’t a thing in my life I needed to do. It’s never about the physical interactions, but rather the discussions in a meeting, on the telephone or with your family members, right? Or the storm that has destroyed your home, or your business, or whatever it is.

If you can keep a cool head, even though the world around you starts to fall apart, then and only then you might be able to think it through and take the necessary steps in order to save your ass once more.

Time is up!

See you next time!


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