#264 One week into the book project

As already mentioned, I want to share with you more than just the book at the end of the project. In fact, I want to share with you the complete process, from the start to the finish line.

So far it is working pretty good. But what does that even mean, right?

Well, the moment you decide on writing a book, for sure you need to find a kind of a road map what you actually want to talk about. Structure is the key to everything, right? Therefore, I started off with defining a possible order of the topics before writing too many uncontrolled words. After that, for sure, you might just hit the keys and write down what ever you think is good, you can shorten it up, or delete it altogether anyways later on in the process.

In order to write good things, you need to write a lot of bad things first, right? Right!

Therefore, I currently either write a new paragraph or some couple of pages, or reread my old stuff and try to make that as short as possible. I mean, so far so good. I have invested quite some time into the project but really kind of like the outcome so far. But that can change from minute to minute, depending on which kind of mindset I currently have.

In fact, the mindset is the most annoying thing about the project. In one moment you are flying above the clouds and in the other, you are hitting the ground hard, wondering what what the fuck you are even doing! Who do you think you are? Well, what can I say? This is just an ongoing process. Someone might call this the ups and downs in our life, well, its really going on my nerves. I mean, I know why I am doing this and for whom. I am totally focused on my project, but still, this thing throws me off the train on a regular basis and let me question my doing once again.

Oh, and don’t forget that miscommunication from my university, that is also a key factor in the current situation. Well, what can I say, after announcing that the semester will not start before the 20th of April, actually, they decided to start it right now, but just not at university. Meaning, that the work for my new subjects will ramp up in the next couple of weeks, destroying my plan to invest a lot of time into this writing project right now. But it is like it is, I can not change it, right?

Besides that unfortunate move of life, everything seems to be good over here. I mean, the economy will crash in the next couple of weeks, but I am not really effected by that right now, am I? Being a student and not working seems to be the ultimate combo to survive this upcoming crisis.

I guess, people would have a lot of time right now to actually read books, but I am too late, right? I will be finished with this thing somewhere down the line, when in fact nobody will have time anymore.

To be continued!

See you next time!

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