#263 Entrepreneurship & Business – S1 E13 – Effect of the corona virus nobody talks about – Mindset change

Everyone knows that a crisis is just something that can happen from time to time and well in fact, it really happens from time to time. This might just be the risk we all take, once we decide on starting our own business or work in any company, or basically just be a part of this society.

Comparing our world today with how it looked like three month ago, there was of course and still is a lot going on. With the spreading of the virus, schools got closed, businesses got closed, people need to stay at home, traveling got dammed up, borders got somehow closed for traveling, and so on and so forth.

Sure, we all know that this has direct consequences on the market or the economy as a whole, but what we shouldn’t forget is also what this virus is doing with our mindset and the ones of our customers.

3 month ago, saving our environment was the top priority in this country. People where so enthusiastic about that topic, you wouldn’t believe it. They wanted to finally kill the petrol engine as it is, banning fossil fuels after all and start into the much more greener and eco friendlier electric future.

“The automobile industry thinks they can do what they want? We say no! Hunt them down! Make them suffer! They need to stop this!!! Save our world! Save the oceans! We want a speed limit!!!”

Well, this was of course total bullshit, claimed to be the solution by little kids that protested on the streets every Friday instead of going to school, but it seems like our government has really become that weak in the last couple years. That this was neither the right thing to do, nor even possible in our country seemed to haven’t cared anybody. They were just thinking that they can do that. There were even politicians like Anton Hofreiter (Bündnis 90/ Die Grünen) who publicly announced that we need to stop allowing petrol engines to be build after all.

What the hell? Have they all lost their mind? This is not working! Our economy will crash onto the floor! We are destroying our own country with steps like that! But for sure, nobody listens to a young engineer who studied the facts. They rather believe in politicians that talk and talk and talk without saying anything. They are just afraid about loosing their jobs by loosing the next vote, therefore they just say what ever we demand. But nobody seems to really think about the consequences anymore!


But anyways, looking in this world today, the economy in Germany will crash in the next three weeks. How long can people and companies survive these days without earning any money? Right! Not that long! Sure, the big players will just lose some money and therefore throw out young and motivated employees, but what about all the small businesses out there? They can not just survive the next half year without making any money, they need to close once and for all. And we shouldn’t even stop there! How many people do you know that are living from paycheck to paycheck? There is the rent that needs to be payed, the leasing car, the mobile phone, the TV and whatever else people need to pay on a monthly basis. How long can they survive without earning their normal monthly income in case of short-time work, or no money after all?

You can not just shut down a country like they are doing right know without talking about the consequences. If I can understand what will happen, then they need to understand this as well, right? Because I have absolutely no clue about this all!

But what will be really interesting is of course the mindset change the people will have. Before corona, they yelled out in the streets that we need to save the environment. Guess what they will complain about in 6 month of time.

“We do not find any jobs! The economy has crashed! Help us! We need money! We want to have a job! We want to have a place to life! Help!”

And guess who can help us? Look at the facts and tell me which are the largest industries in the economy. Right, the bad automobile industry will save the day!


Can we look at the current corona situation as a kind of a last warning? A chance to finally wake up right in time to change the course and prevent hitting the iceberg on which we are currently sailing towards?

I hope that more people wake up from their delirium, sure, we need to save our environment! But not in that way! That is not the future!

But anyways, what do I know, right? It seems like only they really know what is going on here in this world. Therefore, I will just accept it as it is.

And sure, don’t forget! A crisis is the best chance to start something new. Maybe you want to invest some money? Maybe you can help people in their current situation? The market has changed dramatically these days, sure, it will all go back to normal somewhere down the line. But the fear and the situation will not be forgotten. Maybe people want to be better prepared next time? Or they want to have a home workout station once the gyms are closed again. What ever it is you are doing or possibly can do. Now is the time to think about what people are afraid of and what people really need.


See you next time!

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