#281 20 minutes writing challenge #25 – The spring is coming

Music: Neighbors music playlist I can hear with my open window.

After all these dark and cloudy days, finally the spring seems to kick into life in the next couple of days. With temperatures above the 20 degree barrier here in Germany, this seems to be the start of the better part of the year.

I am personally looking forward to this temperature increase for a long time, because I will finally be able to do more stuff outdoors, getting more sunlight and do not need to be afraid about catching a cold. Soon, I will be back on the road, starting cycling outdoors again.

Sure, the stay at home rules will somehow limit that experience to a certain extent this year, but I enjoy riding on my own anyways and that is of course still allowed.

When the spring kicks in, people seem to be more energetic. They seem to be less tired, less exhausted and more focused on the task ahead. They start to work on their summer shape, their health or simply enjoy some time in the parks and gardens. Having a short walk in the evening sun? Everybody likes that, right?

But of course, this means much more than just that. It also means that I can exchange my relatively small winter tires for the 225 mm wide summer tires that will make my car drive just so much better. And sure, with the winter being over a long time ago, the motorcycles come back onto the road, the sports cars and the old-timer. Sure, you may spot some of these cars in the winter as well, but in summer, there are just more of them.

Another thing would be of course the start of the Nürburgring Langstreckenserie. Well, so far, it looks like racing events will be really limited this year, but I guess we will make the best out of it. Yesterday was the second virtual racing event, sure, it is not the same, but better than nothing right?

What are your plans for the next couple of weeks to come? Sure, due to corona you can’t travel around and see the world, but I guess there are other beautiful places in your region as well, that you can visit as soon as the stay at home challenges is over, right?

Take care of each other and stay healthy! But definitely, stay at home until this thing is over. There is no-one helped by forgetting all about the rules these days, or instantly go back to normal as soon as the laws will be changed. I guess we just need to deal with it that life will be different for the next couple of days, weeks and month to come.

But sure, the spring will have an effect on our mood and general perspective towards the corona situation. Hopefully in a good way.

See you next time!

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