#280 Stay at home – *Topic Week 8* – Day 5 – How to do the STAY AT HOME properly

Are you ready for the grand final? It’s already the last day of this times topic week.


That is not only a light request, but in fact a new law! Sure, you can still go to work, to the doctor or the supermarket. You can still have a walk outside and get some sunlight in the park next door. But generally speaking, we all need to stay at home in order to flatten the curve. What a statement, right? Flatten the curve? In the business world, a flat curve is the last thing we want to see! We are programmed to deliver, to over-perform, to let things grow. Well, in this case, it seems like we are asked to do what most of us do all the time anyways. Staying at home and do something stupid.

Just staying at home, how difficult can that be?

I guess after the last couple of weeks without seeing an end to the situation, we finally start to see where this is leading us towards. And I am not only speaking about the economy here. This will also have an effect on our mindset. Sure, depending on your personality and current lifestyle this can mean something totally different to you, but generally speaking, more people will start to ask the right questions about life.

That it is totally fine to stay at home for a longer period of time seems to be not yet accepted by the masses. I mean, just have a look at my life, I am the living proof that it is indeed possible to do most of the things you do at home and do not necessarily need all of the things you think you can’t life without these days.

But that’s not my decision to take, I am just an observer here. I hope, that more people will wake up. Will understand that they are not really going anywhere in life. Sure currently you literally can’t go anywhere, but even without the corona situation, you would stay at your plateau in life, enjoying your everyday comfort and do not even dare to think about changing something in your life, right?

Life is good, why should we change something!

No! That’s in fact not right. I mean, I don’t understand why people do not change their lives if they are not 100% satisfied with their current situation, but at least I learned to accept that. It’s your life, not mine, therefore, do whatever you think is the right thing to do. I can’t tell you what might be right or wrong, but so can’t anyone else in this world. Not your parents, not your husband or wife, not your professors or teachers, or who ever you will come up with.

But of course this post is not all about changing your life, but instead about how to do the stay at home properly, right? But without knowing what is right or wrong, how can we answer that question? How can I or someone else tell you what you should do? Short answer, we can’t! But we can at least try to show you some ideas.

  1. Use the time and reflect on your doing.

Where are you currently standing in life? Are you still on the right path? Following your dreams? Are you satisfied with your life so far? What would you change if you can? What are you still missing out on? What do you do not see?

2. Plan one day ahead, not more and not less.

We always tend to overdo things slightly, instead of starting slowly, we want to see success on the very next day. Instead of starting with some light workout exercises, we go all in on the first day and need the next two weeks for recovering. Time is not the limiting factor right now, find your pace.

3. Try to implement new impressions and situations into your life.

You probably can’t tell me what you have done three weeks ago on a Thursday, but can tell me what you have done on the 11th of September in 2001. Are you a super brain? Sure, we all are, but you can remember that day, because it was something special. Something worth remembering. That’s by the way the reason why time seems to fly these days. One day blends perfectly into the other. You have formed a routine already and your brain is starting to switch off. Set new marks, do something else. Instead of having breakfast in the morning, why don’t you have it in the evening? Instead of watching the corona news, why don’t you try to juggle with raw eggs on the couch? What your brain urgently needs, is something new. Something it can build on a nice story that makes this day something special, something worth remembering.

4. Follow your passion and do more of the things you love.

You already know what you are really passionated about. Why don’t you do it more often? Why don’t you stop wasting your time with scrolling through your endless social media feeds and finally start to do something you really like? Oh, and by the way don’t tell me why you can’t! I am not interested in your excuses! If you don’t want to? Fine! Don’t change something! Just go on with whatever you do! But don’t come later and complain! Because you are responsible for your situation and not someone else!

5. Why don’t you start to meditate?

Now is the perfect time to do something grounding like that, right? You are bored so much already, I guess in a couple of weeks we can convince everyone out there to at least give this thing a try! Sure, you might do not have a fancy orange colored buddhist rope at home right now, but believe me if I say, they do not suit you anyways. Just use your normal cloths, it’s not the rope that makes the difference in the end, its your brain!

6. Help other people!

If you have some time right now, why don’t you try to help other people? Teaching them a language? Listening to their problems? Helping them in their current situation. In life, the little things are the most important ones. Maybe, a lot of people feel lonely these days. Why don’t you call your friends more often or have a group chat online? Living in the 21th century, you can basically talk with each and everyone from all around the globe!

7. Do something creative!

Why don’t you paint something? Or build something? Or draw something? Be creative and do something fun!

8. Don’t forget about your family!

Last but not least you should of course use the time for your family as well. Maybe your are living together with them, maybe you are separated due to the current situation. Try to spend some time with them, online or offline, what ever you can do right now.

And this is it. That was another topic week here on my blog.

I hope you got some useful ideas, some tips and tricks? If you want to, you can reach out to me and give me feedback. What do I still don’t see? What should I focus on in more detail? What am I still doing wrong? Thank you!

See you next time!

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