#287 20 minutes writing challenge #26 – Follow the beat

Hey and welcome to another 20 minutes writing challenge. I guess, it is time to get back to the basics of this category again.

Today’s song is Go fuck yourself from “Two Feet“, just listen to the song and read my little post. Enjoy!

Follow the beat and start the song here! You need to be quick in order to do not miss the first line.

What do you need in life?
This question is following me all the time!
Where ever I go!
It is always there!


Sitting on my shoulder!
Waiting for the right moment to yell!
Is it really the fast car?
The bigger house?


The bigger and greener garden?
It can hardly be just that!
But what else is supposed to be there?
Having a family?


A relationship?
Someone in life to trust?
That might just sound better!
Socially more acceptable!


Friendship, beats sports car!
Materialism, nothing to share with everyone!
People, can’t stand it!
You need to have, more moderate thoughts!

Come back here, to the ground!
So little, do you actually know!
Stop dreaming, face reality!
They limit us, on purpose?


What the heck is going on here?
I don’t understand!
Does someone hears me?
I want to be out!


Can you all just shut up?
I don’t want to hear all of this anymore!
Where can I end this mess?
When can I go?


Want freedom, feel limitless!
I am crazy, just do what I want!
Following, my heartbeat!
Don’t surrender, this is what I want!

Who are you, move out of my way!
Can’t stop me, I am already there!
I am strong, you can’t harm me!
I just do, whatever I want!

The end!

See you next time!

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