#286 Discipline – S1 E8 – Motivation, where are you?

Motivation!? Motiiiiivationnn? Where are you!??!?

Are you looking for your motivation as well? What a coincidence! I guess we are all ending up in some kind of situation these days, where we are searching for our motivation, but can hardly find it anywhere.

Due to the world wide corona situation, it seems like we are all struggle a bit more than usual with our day to day life. Sure, from the outside, it looks like we are having just a bunch of more free time to spend, but well, if we have a closer look on the last couple of weeks, it seems like we are not that efficient when it comes to using our time more wisely.

Instead of being productive, we just rather do nothing.

One day blends perfectly into the other. We could do so much, but end up doing so little. But why?

The first question is of course, if this is really just a lack of motivation, or if there is more in our lives we are missing out on? I guess, it might just be our safety system that kicks in all the time, claiming that it has figured out the problem for all of our problems. When life gets rough, we tend to look for the issues of our problems in external sources. Why? Because we can’t control them and therefore, it can hardly be our own fault, right?!

Look at me, I just do not have the motivation! But that can hardly be my fault, right?! I better finish the TV series on Netflix.

That this is of course not the real issue we are having, might be clear to all of us. But still, we like the situation as it is, right? It makes life just so much easier.

Nobody wants to look themselves in the eyes to accept, that they are just not working hard enough!

Therefore, what do we do? Right! We claim that it is something else, that limits our lives. The current new laws, your background story, or whatever you can come up with.

All of these things are just easier to say, instead of accepting our own failure!

What would it take to finally start doing more? Motivation? Enthusiasm? Inspiration? A sparing partner? A goal? An inner drive? A schedule? A routine? Or all these things combined?

The difference between what you have been doing so far and what you originally wanted to do is not just that large, because of your lack of motivation, but instead, because you didn’t want to do it anyways.

Just have a look at yesterday or the days before. Which task or activities haven’t you done that were on your “to do list” and you really wanted to do them, but couldn’t find the motivation for?

I guess, there is not such a thing! In fact, I believe that right now is the best time of the year for the things you really want to do! Why? Because you can do them all day long! You can watch TV, read a book, work in the garden, do a puzzle, or do whatever you want to do.

But the things you don’t do these days, these are not the things you really wanted to do in the first place. Sure, you might have already accepted, that you need to do them somehow down the line in order to move on in life, but sorry to say, but you are just not believing hard enough in this particular thing.

If you really want to do these things as you always say, you would just do them, right?

You do not need to find the motivation, or the time, or whatever for something you love doing. You will just wake up in the morning and can’t wait to finally start doing this particular thing.

Therefore, your problem may not really be a lack of motivation after all, but rather a lack of having not yet found the activities you are really passionated about!

For sure, you might argue that in fact you don’t want to do these things in the first place, but still they need to be done. Sure, that’s called work for 99% of the population in this world, I know the struggle!

Love what you do!

Sure, definitely easier said than done! But the thing is, you love what you are currently doing! Otherwise you wouldn’t do it, right? Right! Therefore, you have basically two options, either you start loving what you want to do all day long, or you stop doing the things you don’t love.

Life is short, you wouldn’t waste it with unimportant stuff, would you?

Oh, come on! Stop that! I can’t hear it anymore! If you don’t want, fine! But no fucking excuses! Just do it, or deal with your temporary defeat!

See you next time!

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