#285 Passion, Motivation & Mindset – S2 E7 – Don’t forget to be grateful

How often do you get up in the morning and be just grateful for the new day that is about to beginn? How often do you look at all the things you already have in your life and be just satisfied with that for a moment?

Too often we end up being lost in that endless loop of desires, wishes and dreams we all have in our minds. Sure, it looks like they are mysteriously come from the outside and get planted in our little heads somehow, but still, we might realize that this can’t be good for our current situation, but changing it?

No way!

The bigger house, the better job, the sports car or the 2 weeks vacation somewhere at the beach. Our motivation doesn’t really seem to come from the inside, but we just don’t care! We are following the rules! Doing what they expect from us, day in, day out, without even questing anything. Do we really want to have that bigger house in another part of the city, or that higher paid job in the office, or whatever it might be? Or is that just what others expect from us to look forward to?

Start a family, build a house, travel the world and complain about work.

I tend to always fall back into this strange mindset, where I don’t look at the things in my life as they really are. It seems like I tend to ignore all the positive things and focus only on the stuff that I currently do not have after all.

Sure, to be honest with you, this feels wrong to me and I definitely notice it right in the moment, but still, I can’t really change anything about it and end up falling back into my old pattern.

From the outside, it must be quite easy to solve this issue. We all know that it is just way easier, once the problems we need to solve are not our own ones, but hey! This is my fucking problem! And baammmmm, here we go again!

A change in perspective is sometimes the only thing you need!

Does you life feel like it is supposed to be? Not that easy to answer, right? Especially if we come to the conclusion that there is no right or wrong in life. But sure, today is not about this life philosophy again. Today is about us and our strange mindset we have. The very same situation might be observed in two completely different ways, once we change our perspective and look at different details.

You may just say that the current corona situation destroys our economy and will cause a lot of damage. But well, if you flip the coin around, it is also a great chance to have a clean restart with your company, or start investing in other companies.

Perspective is everything!

Is the glass half full or half empty? To be honest, I don’t care! It isn’t important what you say, it is important what you believe in!

We go through life and think that we know what is going on around us, but actually we don’t. We are just playing our role, one day after the other. Are you really satisfied with your current situation? Is that where you always wanted to be in life?

Be grateful for what you already have!

Being grateful will teach you two very important lessons in life. The first one is, that there are always people out there that go through harder times than you do, because there is always someone that feels more lonely, more heartbroken, more depressed or whatever we feel in our lives and secondly, that you have already everything you need.

You have a family, a place to sleep, a roof over your head, more food than you could possibly eat and problems other people would even pay money for, if they could exchange their own problems with yours.

Can we all promise to be more grateful for what we already have in life? Can we just stop following this old believe system for a second and try to be grateful for the things we have in our life?

We always seek for more, but does our life really improve through that attitude? Does our problems miraculously disappear? Or are they getting even worse? You might can not even handle your current situation, how do you think will you manage the situation with two kids, a full time job and whatever else that comes your way in the future?

Living in the present moment!

Sure, we have all heard about that term, right? But do we really understand what it means! I am not so sure about that! I guess, at least from my perspective I don’t do that very often, or to put it in another way, not often enough. Generally speaking, we do not live in the present moment! At least not as we are supposed to be, according to the big brains that told us about it.

Just spend 20 minutes with yourself and do literally nothing and you will notice how hard this actually is. Your thoughts will wander around, you will start to feel bored, or tired, or feel that inner drive to finally do something else. Therefore, really connecting with our own body, not that easy!

But being grateful can have this grounding effect you are looking for in your life. This can bring you back to the ground, open your mind again and allow you to forget about the system we all live in for a moment.

Why don’t you invest five minutes of your time in the morning and just tell yourself what you are grateful for in your life. Maybe its your good health, or your relationships with others. Whatever it is, feel grateful and you will notice a change in your life. Priorities will change, your perspective will change, possibly your complete mindset will change.

But sure, if you do not want all of that, keep on pushing and suffering like you are used to do. Life is supposed to be hard, right? At least that is what your environment told you all the time.

In the end it comes all back to you. Your life, your decision. Make the best out of it, but don’t forget to be grateful!

See you next time!

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