#292 Learning – S1 E11 – Why repeating stuff is so important

Use it or lose it!

We have all heard about that statement somewhere in our lives, right? If you do not use something, you will lose it. Period!

Today, I don’t want to argue about the fact if this might be really true or not. I also don’t want to talk about how it basically works, because it is neither really important nor do I have a clue about brains and how they actually work.

I am just a user of the brain, like you and all the other people around us.

Do we always need to know how something works in order to just use it? Look at your phone, your computer, a helicopter or an airplane, and tell me!

The answer is of course: No! For gods sake! For sure that is not the final solution for a life in this modern 21th century! I just want to talk with my friends from the other side of the world via the internet, but I don’t care about how you do it! Just make it happen! Or wait! No! Actually, make it better! The connection is so bad from time to time!

And there we have it. We are not even interested in knowing how these things really work. For sure, some of you might have already started to cut out small parts from their computer housings, trying to carve lethal weapons with which they can attack me and my presented lack of interest in modern communication systems, but that’s just how our world works. Deal with it! The shape of a phone might be sexy, but not the technology that transforms a dumb piece of aluminum into something worth a fortune.

We can’t know anything!

For sure we can’t! But is that even necessary? Google knows everything! Let us ask the internet, right? That is what we do!

While studying mechanical engineering I noticed two things. The first thing? You need to study a lot, but tend to forget about most of it after a short period of time! And the second one? It is that the forgetting about most of the stuff is not a problem after all!

In fact, you can just do that and forget all about it. Sure, some lectures will be build up on knowledge from past courses and expect a certain amount of skills already acquired, but you can also just revisit these little parts and spend the other part of your day relaxing at a lake near by.

Well, you could do that, for sure! But where is the deal? Why do you study? To gain knowledge, or to learn how to gain knowledge? To know how to use a certain kind of material, or to learn how to learn how to use a certain kind of material? Do you know what’s in the book? Or do you know how to find it in the book?

A slight difference that can mean the world, right?

Looking back at my time at university for my bachelor, how often do you think have I really took the time and revisited the stuff from past lectures?

Not once would be a lie! But more than five times either!

If you do not use the stuff you learned, you will forget about it! Sure, some might argue that your brain can’t actually forget, therefore, lets rather go with, you will lose the connection and therefore can’t access the knowledge anymore, at least not right now or in the next couple of minutes.

Why don’t you cut off some minutes from your upcoming weekend and go through your old stuff? It will be worth having a second look!

Photo by Renato Abati on Pexels.com

Pro tip: Normal students write summaries, it must be enough to read those.

See you next time!

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