#293 Project W (double you) – S2 E9 – The art of starting

Auf die Plätze, fertig, los!
On your mark, get set, go!

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Where is the big deal, right? Someone may just start.

Well, in fact, a lot of people are doing this, every single day. They have enough! They don’t want to wait any longer. They take a piece of paper, their computer, or whatever kind of tool they need and just get going.

And there is nothing against doing this. In fact, this describes the very start of this blog project as well. Sure, I was thinking about doing something like this before, but not really seriously. I wasn’t really convinced about finally doing it. I wasn’t sure if it would be the right thing for me to do. The right step in the right direction.

But anyways, I din’t care. I just started. I took the courage and did something I wasn’t expected to do.

I just began to do something.

Was it hard? No, not at all! Was it the right thing to do? Well, that’s the moment where it starts to get interesting, right? Sure, in order to reach the very point where I stand today, it was a necessary step. But would I do it differently next time, if I would get a chance? Would I think more carefully about what I am doing? Would I plan more ahead? Giving me more time? Building up a plan? A strategy? A way to go?

Or would I rather jump into the cold water once again? Would I be able to ignore my inner doubts? Ignore the fears? Don’t listen to my inner voice? Leaving the comfort zone and reaching for the stars?

The art of starting

… might be a myth.
… might be a never ending process.
… might be the solution.
… might be to jump into the cold water without any clue.
… might be to have a plan.
… might be to discuss your idea with friends.
… might be to test the idea in a save environment.

Is there really such a thing? Is that really what people can define? A “how to” guide for starters? An instruction manual for the perfect start?

For me, the art of starting means something else. For me, it’s the experience you get while going through the process. It’s the stepping into the unknown. The everyday chance to improve, to make it better, to learn from your past mistakes.

What are you waiting for? The best moment to start with your project is right now!

Do not hesitate! Don’t hold yourself back! There is nothing you need to be afraid of! If you have a dream and believe in that, nobody can stop you! Just follow your passion! Follow your instincts! Follow your inner drive! For sure, you will make mistakes! For sure, you will miss something important! For sure, there is so much stuff you still need to learn! But if you do not start, you will never find that out!

Once you have this idea in your mind, this thing you want to start, or reach, or do, at least once in your lifetime! Are you really giving everything you can in order to reach it? Are you that convinced? That motivated? That passionated about it?

You want to know what it takes? It takes everything! It doesn’t matter if you want to become a race car driver, a blogger, a writer, an astronaut, a singer, a lawyer or whatever it is.

If you do not start, you will not get there. But if your mindset is not right, you can’t get there.

Stop wasting your time with thinking about scenarios that will most likely do not even happen after all. If this is really the big thing you are talking about all day long, well, why don’t you just show us?

The art of starting is to know, that you just need to start now and get going from there.

See you next time!

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