#294 Discipline – S1 E9 – The top 5 percent

Where do you want to be? At the top, in the peloton, or far behind? Today it’s all about the top 5 percent again.

Some couple of days back in time, I have written a topic week about how to get into the top 5 percent. Starting at #72 until #75, I went through the most important things about it and tried to present the topic as clear and as good as possible. Therefore, you can check this out as well, if you want to have more information.

Generally speaking its a decision you need to take. Either you go all in and plan on becoming the next Michael Jorden in your special field, so to speak, or you rather focus your attention on different interests in your life at the same time and try to get into the top 5 percent.

Sure, there is definitely no right or wrong answer to the question which way you should take, therefore it is just up to you whatever you want to be engaged in.

I personally need to say, that the concept behind the top 5 percent works just brilliantly for me. Instead of a need to become world class, the top of the mountain so to speak, I rather go into the training a little bit more defensive and use as much of my time as I want, but not all of it with this one particular thing. And to be honest with you, where is the deal with that anyways? Being the best in the world? That sounds so miserable! There will always be someone smarter, faster, more hard working, better looking, … and so on, as you! Therefore, this will be a constant fight! Once you are at the top, the pressure is on!

Working on your skills to get into the top 5 percent, well, this seems just so much easier and makes way more sense! Why? Because I do not even want to go to the top anyways! Sure, I want to become a race car driver! But I don’t want to be famous! I don’t want to be that guy that needs to go into the press conference ones the race is over. I want to be the guy that picks up his stuff, talks with his team and gets home afterward to spend some time with his family, or his other projects in life. If I can participate in the Nürburgring endurance series, that would be more than enough! That’s what I am aiming for. I don’t want to win, I don’t want to be famous, I just want to drive! And the same thing goes hand in hand with all my other goals in my life. I don’t want to own a Porsche because of the looks I will get from other people, or the prestige that comes with the price tag, or whatever someone might come up with. I want to have it because of the feeling, the mindset, the way the car communicates with me and because it is my goal I set to myself and now urgently want to achieve it!

Just stop in your path real quick and reflect on your doing. What are you chasing after? And more importantly, why do you do that? What is your benefit? What is the outcome you want to have? Where do you see yourself in the future?

Questions we tend to ignore a lot during our day to day life, right? We just life, go, do whatever we are used to do. But is this still the right thing to do? Is that still the path we want to be walking on? Or have we changed? Have our priorities changed? Our perspective towards life?

I can’t tell you if the top 5 percent rule is the right thing for you to do or not, that’s your job to figure out. And hey! You can always change decisions, right? You can try on focusing on that one particular thing and once you are there, you can also start to open up your portfolio to other things you are interested in. That’s the awesome thing about life!

There is no right or wrong!

In the business world, they teach you certain ways and strategies how to think. But if you have a look at the people who have invented them, well, it doesn’t look like they really got the message, does it? Stop believing anything others tell you! Be always sceptic and ask questions nobody dares to ask.

The truth is always out there, hidden behind thick walls.

Reach for the stars and you will reach them some day or another. Don’t limit yourself! Don’t let them talk you down! It’s now or never! Fight for your interests in life and do something!

Looking forward to your achievements!

You do not need to be the best, the top 5 percent is still quite an achievement!

See you next time!

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