#295 20 minutes writing challenge #27 – Universal problems

Hozier – NFWMB

Thank you for your recommendation, friend!

Where ever I look, I see the same. Fear, misery, loneliness, disappointment, anxiety, envy and sadness.

What the hell are we even doing here? Can someone tell? What the fuck is going on? Why am I here and what am I supposed to do?

Where ever I look, I see the same. People struggling in life. They do not know where to go next, depend on others, feel kind of sick.

But what is going on here? Why does it seem like we all have the very same problems? The very same struggles? The very same fears?

The very same problems?

Speaking with people all over the world, it is always the same. Always the same! The same! Again and again!

I call this the universal problems. The problems we all have. The similarity is just amazing to watch. Other country, other culture, other religion, other lifestyle, other interests, other hobbies, other professions, but still, at the end of the day, we are all are having the same problems.

Universal problems

Why are we here? What are we supposed to do? What’s next?

Look, I am going through life with a pair of wide open eyes. I look to the left, I look to the right! I can see everything! The beautiful, the fantastic, the awesome, but also the ugly, the dark, the miserable. Does my perspective change? Does my interest change? Do I change?

Or do I stay the same? The poor fellow I was! The little kid! The blind man in town. I dream, yes I dream! About what? A better life? A better job? But life? It is just what it is. An illusion. A projection.

You see only what you want to see.

People do what they do! They go through life! They do their job! They give all they can! They chase after dreams! Big dreams! Small dreams! Intermediated dreams! They have a plan! A mission! Something to believe in! A god! Two gods! Three gods! A concept of life! A society norm! A standard! They run away! From their past! Their problems! Their own thoughts!

Who are you? Are you who you want to be? Are you the person you thought you are? What are you doing? Why are you doing it? Think! Think! What’s next? Where’s the reason? The fucking reason?

You go! You make a move! You change! You work on yourself! You keep on going! Every single day! You fight! You give everything you have! You run! You jump! You reach for the stars! But is that enough? Is that all you need to do?

We don’t know! I don’t know! Time is just running away! Slowly, or fast? It doesn’t matter! Are we satisfied? Are we happy? Are we really relaxed? In peace with ourself?

It doesn’t seem like that! We do not understand it! We run against a wall! Over and over again! And again! And again! The wall! Still stands! But we? We lose energy! We lose motivation! We lose our inner drive! The wall? It doesn’t care! It still stands there! Right in front of your eyes!

You shall not pass! You shall not go on! Take the very next step! What are you really doing all day long? Is that leading you towards your goals? Is that helping you to proceed? Is this the solution? The ultimate answer to our questions?

Universal problems, they can’t get solved!

Are you rich or poor? Strong or weak? Tall, or small? Thin or big? Those problems don’t care! We all just have them! They are just there! Transforming our life into something horrible. Into something hard! Something we don’t want!

The pressure! Can you feel it? The expectation! The urge to deliver! To be someone! Someone people look up to! A role model! A leader!

This is all too much for me! I am out of the game!

I can remember the days when I was younger! I was free! I was just doing things! Outdoors, inside! It doesn’t mattered! I was just fooling around! Having fun! Enjoyed life! The rules? There were just a few! Did I had problems back at these times? Did I cared about anything? Was I really thinking everything through?

Some people have an awesome life! They just live! They don’t expect much! They are happy with what they have! They don’t seek for the bigger house, the faster car, the hotter partner! They just love what they have!

Have they solved the equation? Are they free?

I don’t know! Let’s go and ask them!

See you next time!

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