#297 Entrepreneurship & Business – S 1 E15 – How will this corona situation end?

We simply don’t know! That’s it! That is all you need to know right now!

We basically did not have a situation like this before, therefore, I guess we simply need to wait and see where this is leading us towards. Will everything be fine in three month, or in three years? Will people help each other, or watch each other going down?

I can’t tell!

Looking at the way the current situation is getting handled by government officials, it seems like even my last hope will be gone in the next couple of weeks. Is it really so difficult to come up with strict but well defined rules? What the hell? I don’t get it!?

Aren’t we live in Germany? I expect more than that! How can it be that I can’t make the simplest of modifications on my cares without being in trouble because of a well defined rules book, but they can’t define a standard ruleset for the current situation?!

Every engineer that has ever worked in a project and tried to figure out all the requirements by himself without the use of a proper RE (Requirements Engineering), knows exactly what I am talking about. If the requirements and rules are not clear, how are you supposed to handle the situation? Basically, you can’t handle anything. You just to one thing after the other without having the whole picture in mind.

Sure, they give their best, obviously. But sometimes, giving your best is just not enough!

The moment people can go outside a bit more again, meeting with other people in public places, going into stores and shops, well, what do you think will happen? Will the numbers of infections start to increase again? Will there be more people getting infected by the corona virus than before? I am not a scientist in that kind of field and therefore can not allow myself to make any statement, but it seems just logical to assume, that the numbers will change again. Sooner or later people will get infected by it, period.

But what does that mean for people who are having their own business? Does that mean the end? That’s it? Get your stuff and go home? Or can we also look at this current situation as a chance? As a restart? An opportunity to stop in our tracks, look at the complete process and try to figure out a more efficient and productive way how to do it in a different way? Can you use your company right now to do something else? Produce a product people urgently need in the next couple of weeks and month to come? Can you come up with new business ideas? Something that wasn’t there before? Look at your customers needs! Look at the people around you! What are they afraid of? What are their problems?

Solve them!

If you can solve your customers problems, they will solve your financial problems. It’s always like that. A good product or service has such a benefit for the customers, that they either build up a desire for getting it, or having it again and again all the time.

If more people get infected, sure, they will go back to a more stricter ruleset, therefore, the question is not when you can go back to normal, because there will be no normal in the next couple of times. You need to rethink your business plan, you need to make changes and adapt your system accordingly.

Once this thing is over, they will need people like you again! They will need a hair cut, food, cloths, cars, and many more things. But don’t make the mistake to simply wait until its over! That’s not the right thing to do.

Adapt your system and integrate the current issues into your strategy.

It will work somehow or another! But never start to doubt or lose the trust in yourself! You have this business for a reason!

You can do it if you believe you can!

Napoleon Hill

And sure, that isn’t all just a thing for business people. In our private life’s, it’s basically the same. You may earn less money, or nothing at all. You may use your time well, or not at all. There is always a chance to improve.

Use your time wisely! You never know how much time is still left.

See you next time!

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