#298 My own Blog – Why am I doing this?

Two days before post number 300, I guess it seems to be a good time to actually talk a little bit more about my reasons for doing this project on a daily basis.

Fulfilling a dream

For a long time I wanted to be a writer. I wanted to give my creativity a playground. I wanted to write for the sake of writing. Working on interesting projects. Being my own boss.

For the last 298 days, I have written something every single day. It did not matter if it was cold, or hot outside, if I was busy or not.

I may just write!

What makes an author a great author? Studying the art of writing, or just writing until it gets better?

Practicing the art of writing

Do I have a particular interest in writing? It looks like that! In this current challenge in life, I simply write every single day! I get up and write. And write! And write!

Have I improved? Well, what do you think happens after investing that much time into something like this? Sure I have improved! But not only in writing!

The side effects of writing every day

I honestly did not had this in mind when I first started this project, but nowadays, it has become an integral part of my life.

I reflect on my doing, document my thoughts, move on in life by gaining new insights into topics I haven’t thought about before.

Prove to myself that everything is possible

Whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re right.

Henry Ford

Did I doubt this project? Did I lost faith in my skills? Have I questioned my doing?

Hell yes, I have! How often, you want to know? Around 298 times.

Stepping into the unknown, trying something new and see where this is leading me towards in life. These are not particular strength of me. I rather prefer the other way, the organized one, the well planned route with lots of safety wires, crash barriers and other people leading me the way.

If I were Columbus, America would have been discovered by someone else.

But in fact, this little project here helps me a lot to improve upon that! It helps me to free my mind, to start implementing my believe system into reality and forget about my fears, doubts and negativity.

Sure, I could tell you what you are doing wrong all the time, but that’s not really convincing you to change, is it?

Most of the people we meet in real life or online talk a lot but do so little.

But this time it is different! Instead of telling you what you should do, and you ending up not doing it after all, I just show you what I do and you can decide on your own if this is something for you or not!

I will lead you through the whole process, join the mission if you want to have a change.

Document my story

Am I special? Am I above the average? Well, someone could assume that after looking at my life and what I do. But the truth is of course, I am not! I am not more special than you are! I am not more above average than you are!

In fact, the only difference between me and you is the fact, that you are you and therefore can’t be me. And I am me, and therefore can’t be you!

Everything is possible!

Do you trust yourself? Do you believe in your skillset? Do you believe in yourself? I was running around in circles. I was looking for a reason, a goal, an aim. But not just a reason, or a goal, or an aim.

I was looking for “the reason”, “the goal”, and “the aim”.

Life is what you make out of it not the other way around

The only reason why you are not an astronaut today is the fact, that you did not want to be one after all. Since the day you were born, you spent every single second of your life, trying to not become an astronaut. And look what you have done! You achieved your goal! You haven’t become an astronaut! Lucky you! GOOD JOB!

I mean, sure, you don’t become an astronaut by accident, at least I have never heard about that, but I hope you got the message.

The person who you are today, is exactly representing that, what you wanted to become this time in life.

It’s not primarily your environment, or the country you live in, or whatever you will come up with right now! It’s all about you!

You are responsible for your own life

I was running away. I was looking for the problems in the outside. In my environment. But not within myself.

This was wrong! This is not the key to success! This is the key to misery!

The story starts within yourself.

You have dream? A goal? Something you want to achieve? Well? Why are you still sitting here? Go and do something!

Dreams doesn’t fulfill themselves, does they?


See you next time!

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