#299 My own Blog – The strategy for a better future

Well, what can I say? I will of course continue with this project as usual and spend as much time as possible in order to lead this project into the next level.

Speaking about that, I reflected upon my last 299 days and figured out that I need to make some changes in order to reach my future goals.

But let’s go step by step.

Amount of likes

After having a look at the first chart for today, you can see the only positive trend on the blog right now. It seems like people actually give me more likes for what I am doing. Comparing the different months, April seems to be already quite good, even though it isn’t over yet.


In the next chart you can have a look at the amount of visitors the blog had. Well, now it’s going down from there. Since January the amount of visitors is decreasing and not growing in any ways.

Website clicks

With the amount of visitors decreasing, you don’t need to be an expert to tell, that the amount of clicks is also going down. Sure, the curve went somehow up in March again, but it’s still far away from the level of Dezember or January.

But we are not here to talk about charts all day long, are we? Therefore, let’s move on and work on how to get this project back on track.

The issues I personally see:

  • Not much visitors
  • Not much traffic
  • No comments at all
  • Old posts are not getting red

But what can I do to change that?

  • Write more about popular topics, for example about blogging, writing, emotions, problems everyone has
  • Ask my readers to interact with me more, give them the possibility to give me feedback
  • Change the way how old posts are getting organized and stored, make it more attractive to scroll through the website

The strategy

In conclusion it seems like I need to write more about interesting topics, create the possibility to interact with me in a better way and make it more interesting for you to find and read older posts.

Well, sounds kind of like a plan. Sure, I am not doing this primarily to gain any attention, but rather for the sake of working on my writing skills and reaching my goals, but anyways. I guess it can’t be a bad thing to build up a community of people that may help me with future programs that are about to come.

But let’s see if I can implement that in the next couple of days and weeks and if it will have an effect on the statistics or not.

Sure, in the end it doesn’t really matter, because I will write it anyways. But in foresight to my book that I am working on, it would be of course better to have more people available that can read my stuff before hand and give me any kind of feedback.

And that’s it for today. I guess, I will just use the moment and say thank you to all of you guys who are following my journey already. Have a nice day!

See you next time!

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