#305 Entrepreneurship & Business – S2 E1 – Start of season two

As the blog project gets older and older day by day, it seems to be finally time to start off into the second season of this category.

Entrepreneurship & Business

So far, we were talking about more general topics. What does entrepreneurship even mean? What are some important things to consider? Which mindset do we need?

But now we are ready for the next step. We finally will go more into the details. We want to figure out what kind of options we really have and how we can start working on them.

Today, I will use the moment and try to analyze my current situation. Think about the future and what I want to do next.

The update

Studying full-time since October 2019, I am not earning any kind of money through working in a job, or something like this. Meaning, that I have some passive income, but that is really not a lot. Sure, I was prepared for this kind of situation and saved up a lot of money, but still, it feels kind of strange if there is more money going out of the equation than coming in. It just feels off, it doesn’t seem to be a right thing to do. Sure, I am not in any kind of financial trouble and could actually survive this kind of lifestyle for the next 10 years, but that is not really what I was planning for.

With the corona situation disrupting the markets these days, it seems to be a very tough time for companies out there. When will this all be over? When does the big machinery finally starts going again? I am currently in the situation, that I need to find a company out there, where I can write my master thesis for University. Sure, these companies have other issues and problems to solve right now, instead of giving me a project, but still, I kind of need something for October.

How do you get into awesome companies like Porsche, AMG & Co.? With luck? With connections? It’s a tricky thing, that’s for sure. But well, with the application for a master thesis, you might actually have a chance. You might actually get there, somehow. And once you got the foot into the door, well, its in your hands.

The future

Where do I see myself in 5 years? In 10 years? What kind of projects do I want to do? What kind of income streams do I want to have? How will life look like in the future?

What the future will bring, always a surprise, always something we can hardly control. So far, my life is kind of running exactly like I have planned it. But now, I guess the things get a little bit more complicated.

Will I get my dream job? Will I get any kind of job? How will my blog project look like? When will I finally start with my own business? What kind of income streams can I generate in order to survive the crisis that’s about to come? How can I proceed? Work on my skills? Help others? Earn money?

Some couple of days ago, a friend of mine suggested to me, that I should start giving English or German lessons for people online. Well, the idea is actually not that bad. I mean, I like talking with people, I like helping others. I know exactly what’s the issue with learning languages. But how does something like this work? Where do I find my clients? How do I do the taxes? How does a system like this work? Questions I can hardly answer right now.

The plan

In this second season we will take the next step and dive deeper into the topic of Entrepreneurship & Business. We will try to figure things out in more detail and talk about the real world issues.

Join the project and support me with your experience, input and ideas.

See you next time!

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