#306 Life-Coaching – S1 E2 – Still no motivation?

With the corona pandemic stopping our day to day lives in its tracks, there might be one skill more important than ever before.


Do you get up in the morning and feel kind of energetic in order to conquer the world, or does the world conquer you? Do you work relentlessly on your goals? Or become a victim of your recently discovered passion for sitting around and doing nothing productive?

When I talk with people all over the world, it seems like we are all suffering from the same kind of problems in life. Gender, country, profession, age, it doesn’t matter!

It’s the same! All the time!

Sure, we want see a change in our life and sure, we know exactly how life is supposed to be. But wait a minute! What do we really want? What is our big mission in life? Why are we here? What should we do next?

In life, we can hardly answer these questions. We can never be sure if our current path is the right one or not.

You may ask yourself: Is this really what my life is all about? Is this really the direction I should take? What if I don’t know what I want? Why do people around me know exactly what they want, but I have absolutely no clue?!

The solution? There is no solution. There is no formula you can use, or a book where you can look for your purpose. Life doesn’t work like this.

The change needs to come from the inside.

Sounds esoteric, I know, but is the truth. Why don’t you get up in the morning, stop wasting your time by checking your phone and instantly start “working” on “your projects“? Because you have non? Because you don’t know what you want to do?

People seem to have the wrong mindset. They don’t believe in what they are doing, but rather in the outcome somewhere on the other side of the valley they need to go through. They don’t want to become race car drivers for the sake of driving race cars, they want to be famous. They don’t write songs for the sake of writing songs, but for the sake of getting the attraction. They don’t make YouTube videos in order to help others, they want to earn money.

Sure, this is not the mindset of all. Make it a habit and analyze your environment. Who is doing things for obvious reasons and who is out there, following their inner drive and believe in themselves?


They will tell you to start! “Don’t think too much! Just get going. One step at a time.” But that can hardly be the solution! “You do not even know what you want, how can you start then?

Yes, they are both right with what they are saying. In fact, you really need to start right now! There is no reason to wait! Life is short, you know? But without a definite goal? Without a destination in sight? That doesn’t seem to make any kind of sense, right?

And that’s exactly the reason why life feels so strange. We are getting born into a society in which people are looking for connections. For scientific proofs, for hints and clues. But life is not all about this! Life is not following that one particular rule or equation towards success. Nothing in our life is following a strict order. Look at the people in this world! There are thousands of ways how to reach your goals!

What you need is not the best strategy! What you need is your strategy!

Find it yourself, or ask me for support!

See you next time!

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