#307 Learning – S1 E12 – Learning in corona times

The schools are closed, the universities are closed, everything is closed… But learning needs to go on, right?

The show must go on!

We can not just stop right there in our tracks and wait until this issue is over. I mean, sure, we could, but that wouldn’t be a very clever thing to do, especially in the middle of the school year, right?

So what do they do? They are doing home schooling! They give lessons and lectures online, they give the students tasks and assignments, they are basically doing the very same thing they would have done anyways.

Don’t they know it better? Don’t they want to do it better? It’s a tricky question. Someone might argue, that the school system doesn’t make any kind of sense after all, but we can not just say this publicly, can we?

When I am looking back at my time at school, I am always very disappointed. Disappointed about the fact that I forgot so much, disappointed about the fact that they did not taught be the really important things in life, disappointed about myself that I did not realized earlier how wrong their teaching methods are.

Does pupils and students will suffer with the current situation? Not at all! I don’t really get it. Everyone is talking about this as a problem, as something people need to overcome. We need to bridge the gap while being not at school, trying to learn something on our own.

I personally think, that the effectivity of the school system is so limited anyways, that it really doesn’t matter if pupils stay at home or not. Sure, I do not really know what is currently going on at schools, therefore I will continue this blogpost with the perspective of studying at a university during the corona times.

Looking at this situation time wise, it is actually a win win situation for everyone. Students do not need to go to lectures physically and can instead log into the virtual classroom in less than 10 seconds. Students can do other things while listening to the lecture, like doing sport, stretching, or whatever they want. Theoretically, the situation might be good for them. But of course it is not. At least not for all of the students.

The moment people have a lot of time, or at least need to manage their time on their own, it is very likely that they will do a poor job with it. They will not actually work on their homework, they will not really read the articles and do their stuff. Especially if they are very young and do not understand why they are even doing this.

Each and everyone of us needs to ask themself if we are doing enough. Do we study hard enough? Do we invest the amount of time we should? Do we try our best, or waste our time with something else? But the same goes for our teachers and professors.

Some professors just pretend that there is no difference between having a lecture online or in a room and therefore just continue with their program. Is this the right thing to do? I don’t think so! Why? Because I have other professors who changed the system! They thought about the situation, asked themselves what they need to change in order to make this happening and then took the right decisions.

Instead of six hour long lectures in a row, you get summarized 60 minutes lectures. But in fact, they are not really lectures. It’s more like a Q&A than anything else. You can interact with the teacher, ask questions and talk about stuff you did not understand.

Learning is a process that is going on in your head. You don’t need a school for this, you don’t need a professor for this, in fact, you need so little. Maybe it is time to see this situation as a chance to finally change something. The way they teach languages? Is that a joke!? What is going on? And why don’t they teach you the stuff you really need to know in life? How to do your taxes? What’s next after school?

Corona, Corona, Corona, I can’t hear it any longer. The problem is not corona, the problem is our school system. It was wrong before, it will be wrong afterwards.

See you next time!

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