#308 Racing is life – driving techniques – S3 E17 – Setup

A car without a good setup is as useful as an empty water bottle in the desert. You know that it can be useful, but only under the right circumstances.

You may have a fast driver, you may have a fast car, you may have some excellent tires. But if all these things doesn’t work together in perfect harmony, it will not work in the end.

If the tire pressures are not correct, you can’t get the performance onto the road. If the car behavior is varying to much, the driver will lose it sooner or later. Sure, we can go on with this forever, but there is actually no need for doing this. You already got the message.

The difference between a winning car and a losing one might not be the power output, it might also not be the aero or the better tires.

The setup is the important key!

Race tracks are different to each other. On some layouts you have rather tight corners and no real straights at all, on others you will have long straights and less corners. In the end, there is not that one particular setup that fits it all, like we kind of need to have for street cars, but instead a perfect setup for each and every track layout.

Looking at motorsport from a general point of view, not many people really understand that the setup of a car is the important thing and not merely the brand sign on the bonnet. It doesn’t matter if you drive a Hyundai or a Porsche. If your setup is not good, you will have a hard time on track, period.

You may be the best driver in the world, but without a good car setup, you will have absolutely no chance against your opponents! They will basically destroy you on track and showing you that you are nothing compared to them.

Get the setup right!

Sure, sounds quite easy! But actually, it is everything else besides being easy. In fact, it might be one of the hardest things ever. Why? Because so many requirements and conditions are constantly changing. The tire wear, the weather conditions, the fuel level, temperatures, the parts and components after damages, and so on.

Figuring out the perfect setup might be as likely as winning the lottery! Therefore, it’s never about getting the perfect setup, but instead about figuring out the best compromise between safety, performance and handling. What does your driver like? Maybe there are even more than one drivers with completely different driving styles. The list of things to consider is long, very long!

The perfect setup doesn’t exist! You can get close sometimes, but that is everything you can do.

And that is it. The end of the third season. I hope that I was possible to give you even more detailed insides into the world of motorsport and driving techniques.

See you next time!

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