#309 No readers … and now what?! Giving up? NO WAY!!!

No readers. I guess this is describing the situation as its best. Looking at my statistics for the last couple of weeks, the picture gets quite clear. The amount of visitors is neither increasing nor decreasing. It is non existent 🙈.

Sure, this can have multiple reasons. The corona situation, the good weather, a problem with the statistic software (haha, definitely! It must be that 🤯) or whatever … but in fact, it all comes just back to me. I am the person that is responsible for it, right? My content, my blogposts, my way of writing, this seems to be simply put not good enough for you. Or in the words of the TED Talks organization “Ideas not worth spreading“.

Therefore, I need to change this, NOW!

Talking about changing something might be cool, but in the end it doesn’t really matters what we talk about, right? We need to do something! Sure, we can go on like this for ages! Talking and talking and talking! But this will neither improve upon our situation, nor make our days more efficient! Right! This will just be the political move of the 21th century. I will just talk about changing all the time, promising stuff I will not do anyways and in the end everything stays the same…

I realized that I need to change something, that’s the first step!

Looking at the projects I am currently working on for university, the search for a cooperation company for my master thesis in October and my free time activities, sure, there is not much time left for the blog project here. But hey! I am still investing quite some time! I am still here! Ready for conquering the world! Reaching the Olymp of blog writing. Working on improving my place on the waiting list for the infamous blogging hall of fame! 🏛 Ok, what? There is a hall of fame for bloggers? Really? No! I mean, I don’t know! It would be cool! Is there such a place? Does somebody know?

But anyways! Sure, I don’t want to waste my valuable time with unimportant stuff! If would want to do that, I guess watching TV is the way better option! Well, I can’t do that! I have still not finished my tasks here on earth! Maybe in my next life? We will see! But let’s finally get going! Improve! Reach for the stars!

The early bird catches the Porsche! 🐛

I need to get finally going! Improve this blog! Make it worth reading, worth sharing, worth talking about it!

I will just finish all the open tasks and series I currently have and make a clean restart afterwards!? Mhmm no!

I will make the restart now!

The three SSS’s of blog writing. Where have they gone? In the last couple of month, the project went into a new direction. Have I improved? Definitely! But the reactions from my readers? Where are they?! Good question actually! Where are you readers? I guess the statistics tool must really be broken! 😂

  • Short
  • Sharp
  • Sexy

I need to make it shorter, sharper and definitely more sexy! Where is the point of reading a blog if it isn’t funny, supporting and giving you something back? Right, there is no reason! That’s why I don’t have much readers!

For my part, I will never give up, and I mean never.

Elon Musk

Well, I guess the same goes for me! Sure, I am not on the same level as Elon Musk now, but once he will finally fly off to Mars, I will get my chance to shine 🥳!

What does Elon Musk has in common with me? We both know where we want to go! We know what we want! We will just do it anyways! Step by step! Day by day!

What??! Was I reading this correctly? He compares himself with Elon Musk? Ha! What a jerk! Who does he think that he is? Well, definitely not Elon Musk! Or is he an alien as well?

What does it take to reach your goals? Everything! It takes your willpower, your motivation, your energy, your time, your commitment! You need to accept yourself just as you are! You need to love yourself! You can never stop! Never give up! Never quit! You believe in yourself?

The sky isn’t the limit! There must be a world beyond!

I would like to die on Mars. Just not on impact.

Elon Musk

How do I see my own blog project?

Sure, it’s very diversified. On the one day I talk about racing, on the other about learning and on the next about motivation! What the fuck?! I know, this is not the best kind of combination, but what can I say, it’s just what is going on in my head. Ok, not all! But at least the part of my thoughts that I can publicly announce!

I just write about the topics I care about! And to be honest, it is all somehow connected to each other! Don’t you think?

It is not always possible to be the best, but it is always possible to improve your own performance.

Jackie Stewart

Well, I guess, I will just do that. Following my dreams, give my best every single day and look where this is leading me to. This blog project pushes me into places, I wouldn’t have believed that they where even existing.

I have improved so much and on so many levels! But do I feel better? Am I already satisfied? Honestly, I am not! I’m still feeling miserable, still running around like a crazy man, chasing after goals that haunt me in my dreams!

Wrrrrrrrraaaaammmmmm, wrrrraaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmm, wraaaaaaammmmmmmmmmmmmmm! The Porsche sound is always there! Demanding from me to give my best, every single day!

Sure, this project makes just way too much fun to quit! You can’t believe how cool it feels to get up in the morning and just write about something that comes to mind.

Ok, maybe that’s not the best idea in the world, maybe I had not compared myself with Elon Musk, but anyways. Now it’s too late! It’s already out there in the ether!

Oh, and before I forget! Like and subscribe! The links are down below! 😂🙈

If you want to support me on my journey, please let me know what I am still missing, what I am still doing wrong and where you see a potential for me to improve. Or maybe you have a topic you want to talk about? Just let me know! Your ideas and thoughts are welcome!

See you next time!

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  1. I guess we all focus on numbers to such a degree that we occasionally forget the “numbers” are people. You’re doing fine. You have energy. That’s something.
    It may be the biggest cliche in terms of content, but its still true.
    Create what you would like to read, not what you believe others “want!”
    Eventually more will read what you are writing, or drawing, sculpting … etc.

    Liked by 1 person

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