#311 Project W (Double you) – S3 E1 – Similarities

What’s the difference between doing a complicated brain surgery on a six year old child, fighting for the freedom of your innocent client in court, defending your leading position after 24h’s of racing in Le Mans or getting ready for the launch into space?

In life, people are expecting great things from you.

The moment you need to perform, the pressure is on! And we do not even need to go that far down the road in order to look at a bunch of good examples. Have you ever had a job interview? An exam that you urgently needed to pass? A presentation you needed to do in front of other people? Or a blog post you needed to write, that would be read by that one particular good looking girl you really want to impress? 🙈

It doesn’t matter if you need to bring back home the space shuttle from the international space station, or pass this exam at university in order to stay in the game. You might just feel kind of the same anyways. Maybe you are getting nervous, anxious, sweating like an animal, really feeling the pressure, sleepless nights, fear, or even totally freaking out about it.

As “Ryan Holiday” describes it in his book “The obstacle is the way

Panic is suicide. So panic has to be trained out. And it does not go easily.

Ryan Holiday, The obstacle is the way, Side chapter: Control your emotions

And he is of course so right with what he is saying! If we go back to my first question in todays post and really think about the difference between all of these things, we might come to the conclusion that in fact, there is absolutely no difference.

Each and every task that needs to be performed on the highest of levels in life, might be just the same as each and every small and seemingly unimportant task we need to do on a regular basis. The moment you start to think about the pressure, the situation, what might go wrong, not only will you perform poorly, but also you will stand in your own way.

Stop limiting yourself!

People tolerate no mistakes, no weaknesses, no doubts. Either you perform, or you can get your stuff and leave! Have you ever heard about a company saying, that their product is the second best on the market? Or a doctor explaining to the patient, that he is not well trained with this kind of operation method, feels very insecure about it and couldn’t sleep the night before but wishes the person good luck with the operation anyways?

There is a need to perform, to impress, to leave a mark in this world!

But in the end, it is always the same! We might think, that there is that kind of expectation. This need to perform, to give our best, to do things on a world class level. But is this really what life is all about?

On Saturday we drove to the IKEA store and wanted to pick up some stuff, my sister has ordered online. Well, as easy as such a task might sound, I was rather disappointed about the fact, how poorly they organized the procedure. Alone the fact, that we drove there twice on this day in order to get it was a shame! But well, do people care? Am I that outraged about it that I will not go to the IKEA store any longer? I don’t think so! Sure, to be 100 percent honest with you, I wasn’t expecting this thing to work brilliantly, but that it would be such a chaos?! I had no clue!

As we can see, there was obviously a difference between what I have expected in the first place and how the customer experience really was. But does it matter? Do people care? No! Because this seems to be unimportant all together!

We might go through life with high expectations, but feel very sad when reality kicks in.

Make it a habit to figure out the similarities in life. Once you have mastered a certain skillset on one particular level, why don’t you use this and try it on other fields as well?

The secret might be that everything is somehow kind of connected to each other. But if you do not want to see the connections, well, you will not see them!

If you are able to push through one hight stress situation, why don’t you use the same technique for other situations in your life as well?

See you next time!

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