#312 The crisis, a blessing in disguise?

With the world coming to a hold, the nature seems to fight back what originally belongs to her. While we are staying inside our territory, the wildlife seems to expand theirs.

If you would ask me what I think about the current corona situation, the answer might just be the complete opposite from the one of a fox that is enjoying running up and down the empty streets.

When written in Chinese, the word ‘crisis’ is composed of two characters. One represents danger and the other represents opportunity.

John F. Kennedy

What can be seen as a disaster for our economy, can also be a great chance to finally start making things better. That we are actively destroying nature shouldn’t be a surprise to us, but what do we really do about it? In times like this, people will forget about their self-made problems and will step back into a more moderate kind of lifestyle.

Once your own life is on the line, you will finally see the world with different eyes!

Mindsets changed, routines changed, behaviors changed. Sure, after the one crisis, we may just stand right in front of the next crisis. But for sure, out of every disaster, we can also go out stronger, more experienced and with a more clear vision for our future.

Would you say, that you have used the current situation at its best? Have you worked on your side projects, spend more time with your family, did what you love? Or have you wasted the time with unimportant stuff? Have watched TV all day long? Did not focused on a single thing you wanted to do?

Use the current situation and get things back under control. What are your goals? What is your next mission? What is your next step?

This crisis could be our last call, our last chance to make things right before the world really starts to strike back. But for sure, it can also just be a chance for you, to finally get going and focus on your dreams and goals in life.

How often do we want to change something but end up doing nothing? How often to we dream about a better future for us and our family but do not start to change anything? How often do you look at this world and feel that inner drive to make it better for each and everyone of us, but end up feeling overwhelmed by the sheer amount of open tasks?

A crisis is always a chance!

Are you going to use it? Are you going to change something? Are you finally going to act upon your dreams?

Dream – Act – Succeed

See you next time!

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